Korean Drama Ratings from September 17 to 23, 2018

Five dramas ended last week, with tvN’s Familiar Wife concluding with the most decent viewership. Another tvN show, 100 Days My Prince, is showing a promising start as the series already hit 7 percent. And so does OCN’s The Guest which already surpassed the 3 percent mark last week.

Korean Drama Ratings from September 17 to 23, 2018. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
Sep 23KBS2My Only One7/10017.6
Sep 23KBS2My Only One8/10020.6
Sep 22KBS2My Only One5/10017.2
Sep 22KBS2My Only One6/10021.5
Sep 22MBCHide and Seek9/405.5
Sep 22MBCHide and Seek10/4010.2
Sep 22MBCHide and Seek11/4010.3
Sep 22MBCHide and Seek12/4011.0
Sep 20KBS2The Ghost Detective11/323.0
Sep 20KBS2The Ghost Detective12/323.3
Sep 20MBCTime29/322.7
Sep 20MBCTime30/323.3
Sep 20MBCTime31/323.6
Sep 20MBCTime32/323.6
Sep 20SBSYour Honor31/326.3
Sep 20SBSYour Honor32/328.4
Sep 20OCNThe Guest4/163.207
Sep 20tvNFamiliar Wife16/167.870
Sep 19KBS2The Ghost Detective9/323.3
Sep 19KBS2The Ghost Detective10/323.8
Sep 19SBSYour Honor29/326.3
Sep 19SBSYour Honor30/328.3
Sep 19OCNThe Guest3/162.572
Sep 19tvNFamiliar Wife15/166.709
Sep 18KBS2Lovely Horribly23/322.6
Sep 18KBS2Lovely Horribly24/322.9
Sep 18MBCRisky Romance31/322.2
Sep 18MBCRisky Romance32/322.5
Sep 18SBSThirty But Seventeen31/329.2
Sep 18SBSThirty But Seventeen32/3211.0
Sep 18tvN100 Days My Prince4/167.274
Sep 17KBS2Lovely Horribly21/322.4
Sep 17KBS2Lovely Horribly22/322.7
Sep 17MBCRisky Romance29/322.3
Sep 17MBCRisky Romance30/322.9
Sep 17SBSThirty But Seventeen29/329.8
Sep 17SBSThirty But Seventeen30/3210.7
Sep 17tvN100 Days My Prince3/166.000

Korean Drama Ratings: Highlights

1. 100 Days My Prince‘s rating skyrockets to 7 percent. This drama is doing it fast, from posting 5 percent during its premiere to recording 7.274 percent on its fourth episode. If this rate continues, it is only a matter of time before the series surpasses 10 percent. Amazing performance!

2. Familiar Wife ends broadcast with over 7 percent. A total of five dramas ended last week, with Familiar Wife being the notable one for posting 7.870 percent during its finale, a figure that manifests a massive success for any cable drama. The series recorded an average rating of 6.820 percent, making it one of the highest-rated cable dramas in the second of 2018 so far.

3. Thirty But Seventeen achieves highest rating during finale. The series recorded a double-digit viewership of 11.0 percent, making the average rating of the series equal to 9.0 percent. It failed to obtain an average rating over 10 percent, but it can be considered an average drama as far as its ratings are concerned. 

4. The Guest records 3 percent. From 1.6 percent in the first episode, the drama now has a rating of 3.207 percent, making a significant progress in wooing more viewers to watch the series. It’s good that OCN is experimenting on a new time slot. Fingers crossed that this drama will receive a decent overall viewership to encourage the network to broadcast more dramas on this timeslot.


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