Korean Drama Ratings from October 1 to 7, 2018

A total of five dramas premiered last week, with Room No. 9 getting the most decent first episode rating, at 6.2 percent. The Beauty Inside started off with 2.9 percent, the most modest of all the numbers from the five new dramas. The most notable achievement goes to 100 Days My Prince which hit a whopping 9 percent.

Korean Drama Ratings from October 1 to 7, 2018. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
Oct 7KBS2My Only One15/10025.0
Oct 7KBS2My Only One16/10029.4
Oct 7OCNThe Player4/164.186
Oct 7tvNRoom No. 92/165.413
Oct 6JTBCThe Third Charm4/163.374
Oct 6KBS2My Only One13/10024.7
Oct 6KBS2My Only One14/10027.3
Oct 6MBCHide and Seek21/405.7
Oct 6MBCHide and Seek22/4011.3
Oct 6MBCHide and Seek23/4011.3
Oct 6MBCHide and Seek24/4013.1
Oct 6OCNThe Player3/164.092
Oct 6SBSMs. Ma, Nemesis1/405.8
Oct 6SBSMs. Ma, Nemesis2/407.3
Oct 6SBSMs. Ma, Nemesis3/408.3
Oct 6SBSMs. Ma, Nemesis4/409.1
Oct 6tvNRoom No. 91/166.155
Oct 5JTBCThe Third Charm3/162.859
Oct 4KBS2The Ghost Detective17/322.3
Oct 4KBS2The Ghost Detective18/322.3
Oct 4MBCTerius Behind Me7/327.2
Oct 4MBCTerius Behind Me8/329.5
Oct 4OCNThe Guest8/163.151
Oct 4SBSHeart Surgeons7/406.9
Oct 4SBSHeart Surgeons8/408.4
Oct 4tvNThe Smile Has Left Your Eyes2/163.212
Oct 3KBS2The Ghost Detective15/322.8
Oct 3KBS2The Ghost Detective16/322.7
Oct 3MBCTerius Behind Me5/326.7
Oct 3MBCTerius Behind Me6/329.1
Oct 3OCNThe Guest7/163.025
Oct 3SBSHeart Surgeons5/406.8
Oct 3SBSHeart Surgeons6/408.5
Oct 3tvNThe Smile Has Left Your Eyes1/163.996
Oct 2JTBCThe Beauty Inside2/162.827
Oct 2KBS2Lovely Horribly31/322.9
Oct 2KBS2Lovely Horribly32/323.3
Oct 2MBCBad Papa3/323.4
Oct 2MBCBad Papa4/324.0
Oct 2SBSWhere Stars Land3/326.3
Oct 2SBSWhere Stars Land4/328.6
Oct 2tvN100 Days My Prince8/169.223
Oct 1JTBCThe Beauty Inside1/162.882
Oct 1KBS2Lovely Horribly29/322.7
Oct 1KBS2Lovely Horribly30/322.8
Oct 1MBCBad Papa1/323.5
Oct 1MBCBad Papa2/323.7
Oct 1SBSWhere Stars Land1/325.9
Oct 1SBSWhere Stars Land2/327.2
Oct 1tvN100 Days My Prince7/167.991

Korean Drama Ratings: Highlights

100 Days My Prince achieves over 9 percent in viewership. This tvN drama is going nowhere but up, pulling in a nationwide rating of 9.223 percent on its latest episode. That’s an impressive way to end the first half of its entire broadcast. If the rate at which the number goes up remains the same, it is only a matter of time before the series hit the 10 percent mark, a level in viewership ratings that imply nothing but the commercial success of a drama.

Room No. 9 premieres with 6 percent. tvN’s latest title started off very strongly with a rating of 6.155 percent, a whopping number that even beats the records of some free-to-air series. The number actually slid down to 5.413 percent the next episode, but it remains more than decent enough for the first week’s broadcast.  

Terius Behind Me nears double-digit viewershipTerius Behind Me and Heart Surgeons are still neck in neck in TV ratings, with the former having an average rating so far of 7.3 percent while the latter having 7.2 percent. Terius, however, has nearly achieved a double-digit viewership last week, achieving a rating of 9.5 percent. 

Where Stars Land takes lead in viewership ratings on Mon-Tue time slot. SBS’s latest fantasy romance series Where Stars Land (aka Fox Bride Star) is off to a good start with decent ratings that topped the ranking of all free-to-air Mon-Tue dramas, garnering 5.9 percent and 7.2 percent for the first two episodes. The fourth episode saw an increase to 8.6 percent, making the pilot week’s average rating equal to 7.0 percent. On one hand, its rivals Lovely Horribly and Bad Papa obtained an average rating (as of last week) of 3.8 percent and 3.7 percent, respectively.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes off to a good start with 4 percent. The newest Wed-Thu drama from tvN started off with a good rating of 3.996 percent (or 4.0 percent). It’s good news, but a slightly bad news followed right after the second episode was broadcast as the rating dropped to 3.212 percent. But still, 3 percent in cable TV is good enough.

The Third Charm hits 3 percent. Finally, this series is showing a significant improvement. From 1.804 percent during the first episode, the series managed to increase its rating to 3.374 percent last week.


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