Korean Drama Ratings from May 28 to June 3, 2018

The Miracle We Met ended last week with double-digit average viewership, while its rival shows maintain their ratings around 5 to 7 percent. Miss Hammurabi already reached 5 percent, while About Time could hardly hit 2 percent.

Korean Drama Ratings from May 28 to June 3, 2018. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
June 3KBS2Marry Me Now?24/5030.5
June 3MBCRich Family's Son41/50to be updated
June 3MBCRich Family's Son42/509.1
June 3MBCRich Family's Son43/509.2
June 3MBCRich Family's Son44/509.5
June 3OCNMistress12/12to be updated
June 3tvNLawless Lawyer8/166.085
June 2JTBCSketch4/163.196
June 2KBS2Marry Me Now?23/5025.8
June 2MBCParting Left5/40to be updated
June 2MBCParting Left6/408.0
June 2MBCParting Left7/408.2
June 2MBCParting Left8/409.0
June 2OCNMistress11/12to be updated
June 2SBSSecret Mother13/40to be updated
June 2SBSSecret Mother14/406.5
June 2SBSSecret Mother15/406.6
June 2SBSSecret Mother16/407.4
June 2tvNLawless Lawyer7/165.879
June 1JTBCSketch3/162.982
May 31KBS2Suits12/169.8
May 31MBCCome and Hug Me11/325.3
May 31MBCCome and Hug Me12/325.9
May 31SBSThe Undateables7/323.9
May 31SBSThe Undateables8/324.1
May 30KBS2Suits11/168.8
May 30MBCCome and Hug Me9/324.3
May 30MBCCome and Hug Me10/325.1
May 30SBSThe Undateables5/323.7
May 30SBSThe Undateables6/324.5
May 29JTBCMiss Hammurabi4/164.924
May 29KBS2The Miracle We Met18/1813.1
May 29MBCInvestigation Couple11/325.6
May 29MBCInvestigation Couple12/326.4
May 29SBSGreasy Melo15/404.5
May 29SBSGreasy Melo16/405.2
May 29tvNAbout Time4/161.491
May 28JTBCMiss Hammurabi3/165.045
May 28KBS2The Miracle We Met17/1812.6
May 28MBCInvestigation Couple9/325.8
May 28MBCInvestigation Couple10/326.7
May 28SBSGreasy Melo13/404.8
May 28SBSGreasy Melo14/405.5
May 28tvNAbout Time3/161.338

Korean Drama Ratings: Highlights

1. The Miracle We Met finishes broadcast with 13 percent viewership. KBS2’s The Miracle We Met finished off its broadcast with 12.6 and 13.1 percent nationwide viewership ratings for its last two episodes. These figures are even higher in the Seoul area, at 13.0 and 13.5 percent. All the ratings of the drama’s 18 episodes averaged out to 11.0 percent, making the series one of only a few free-to-air dramas in the first half of 2018 with double-digit average viewership.

2. Miss Hammurabi surpassed 5 percent viewership. The series finally broke through the 5 percent mark, getting exactly 5.045 percent for its third episode. It went down a little bit though for the next episode, to 4.9 percent, but that is still very close to 5 percent, so there’s no reason for JTBC not to celebrate.

3. Sketch maintains good ratings of 3 percent. The drama recorded 2.982 percent nationwide rating for its third episode but it increased to 3.196 the following day. So far Sketch has an average rating of 3.279 percent, coming in third in the weekly ranking of cable dramas.

4. Come and Hug Me renews highest rating anew. Three out of the drama’s four episodes last week recorded ratings above 5 percent, with one becoming the peak rating of the series so far, at 5.9 percent. The series has nearly doubled its premiere rating of 3.1 percent, a sign that it keeps getting improvement as far as TV viewership is concerned. In other words, more and more people are watching the drama!

4. About Time maintains ratings below 2 %. This is a bad news for the drama which started off its run with 1.8 percent nationwide viewership. The second episode surpassed 2 percent but the following two episodes failed to maintain the record. Below-2 percent viewership is not so alarming for a cable show, but with the other cable dramas getting decent figures over 5 %, surely About Time has a lot more to gain.


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