Korean Drama Ratings from May 21 to 27, 2018

Lawless Lawyer continues to achieve high viewership ratings while it’s the opposite for OCN’s Mistress. Meanwhile, two new JTBC dramas premiered to a good start last week, and Suits maintains its lead on the Wed-Thu time slot.

Korean Drama Ratings from May 21 to 27, 2018. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
May 27KBS2Marry Me Now?22/5031.5
May 27MBCRich Family's Son37/506.3
May 27MBCRich Family's Son38/508.5
May 27MBCRich Family's Son39/508.3
May 27MBCRich Family's Son40/509.2
May 27OCNMistress10/16to be updated
May 27tvNLawless Lawyer6/166.885
May 26JTBCSketch2/163.682
May 26KBS2Marry Me Now?21/5024.5
May 26MBCParting Left1/405.6
May 26MBCParting Left2/407.4
May 26MBCParting Left3/407.0
May 26MBCParting Left4/407.5
May 26OCNMistress9/16to be updated
May 26SBSSecret Mother9/404.3
May 26SBSSecret Mother10/405.1
May 26SBSSecret Mother11/405.9
May 26SBSSecret Mother12/406.9
May 26tvNLawless Lawyer5/165.884
May 25JTBCSketch1/163.254
May 24KBS2Suits10/169.6
May 24MBCCome and Hug Me7/164.6
May 24MBCCome and Hug Me8/165.4
May 24SBSThe Undateables3/324.9
May 24SBSThe Undateables4/325.0
May 23KBS2Suits9/169.9
May 23MBCCome and Hug Me5/164.2
May 23MBCCome and Hug Me6/164.7
May 23SBSThe Undateables1/325.3
May 23SBSThe Undateables2/325.2
May 22JTBCMiss Hammurabi2/164.553
May 22KBS2The Miracle We Met16/1811.5
May 22MBCInvestigation Couple7/325.6
May 22MBCInvestigation Couple8/326.3
May 22SBSGreasy Melo11/404.9
May 22SBSGreasy Melo12/405.8
May 22tvNAbout Time2/162.103
May 21JTBCMiss Hammurabi1/163.739
May 21KBS2The Miracle We Met15/1810.4
May 21MBCInvestigation Couple5/324.7
May 21MBCInvestigation Couple6/325.2
May 21SBSGreasy Melo9/405.2
May 21SBSGreasy Melo10/405.8
May 21tvNAbout Time1/161.766

Korean Drama Ratings: Highlights

1. Lawless Lawyer keeps on getting high viewership. This tvN drama shows no sign of slowing down as its viewership recorded a new peak, at 6.885 %, beating the previous record of 6.132 percent. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before the series surpasses 7 percent. So far, so good, and the series is now one of the highest-rated cable dramas in 2018.

2. Miss Hammurabi off to a good start with 4 % viewership. This courtroom human drama premiered with 3.739 percent nationwide rating, a figure that increased to 4.553 the next episode. It’s very good news for JTBC, especially that this is the first Mon-Tue drama of the network to surpass 4 percent in viewership this year.

3. Suits maintains dominance on Wed-Thu slot. The drama nearly reached a double-digit viewership (9.9 and 9.6 percent) last week but as far as TNMS ratings are concerned, it already did (in addition, 9.9 is essentially a 10 in this context). Suits continue to dominate the said time slot and if this trend is maintained, it’s only a matter of time before the series break through 10 %.

4. Sketch premieres with 3 % viewership. Two JTBC dramas premiered last week, with Sketch occupying the Fri-Sat slot left empty by Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (the other one is Miss Hammurabi). The action-thriller series is off to a good start with over 3 percent viewership for both its episodes last week—3.254 and 3.682 %.

5. Come and Hug Me renews highest rating. This MBC melodrama started off with a low nationwide rating of 3.1 percent but so far this number has increased during each new episode (compared to the previous one). The drama’s latest broadcast recorded a 5.4 viewership, its highest to date.


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