Korean Drama Ratings from May 14 to 20, 2018

Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food ended last week with impressive viewership ratings, and so did My Ajusshi which achieved more than decent numbers despite the controversies that hounded it halfway through the show.  Meanwhile, A Poem A Day is now the lowest-rated drama of 2018.

Korean Drama Ratings from May 14 to 20, 2018. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
May 20KBS2Marry Me Now?20/5029.1
May 20MBCRich Family's Son33/50to be updated
May 20MBCRich Family's Son34/508.4
May 20MBCRich Family's Son35/508.5
May 20MBCRich Family's Son36/508.7
May 20OCNMistress8/16to be updated
May 20tvNLawless Lawyer4/166.132
May 19JTBCPretty Noona Who Buys Me Food16/166.787
May 19KBS2Marry Me Now?19/5024.1
May 19MBCMy Husband Oh Jak Doo23/247.7
May 19MBCMy Husband Oh Jak Doo24/2411.7
May 19OCNMistress7/16to be updated
May 19SBSSecret Mother5/404.6
May 19SBSSecret Mother6/405.7
May 19SBSSecret Mother7/406.2
May 19SBSSecret Mother8/406.6
May 19tvNLawless Lawyer3/165.029
May 18JTBCPretty Noona Who Buys Me Food15/165.883
May 17KBS2Suits8/167.4
May 17MBCCome and Hug Me3/163.8
May 17MBCCome and Hug Me4/164.4
May 17SBSSwitch31/326.7
May 17SBSSwitch32/327.0
May 17tvNMy Ahjussi16/167.352
May 16KBS2Suits7/168.8
May 16MBCCome and Hug Me1/163.1
May 16MBCCome and Hug Me2/163.9
May 16SBSSwitch29/325.1
May 16SBSSwitch30/325.6
May 16tvNMy Ahjussi15/165.819
May 15KBS2The Miracle We Met14/1610.9
May 15MBCInvestigation Couple3/324.7
May 15MBCInvestigation Couple4/326.5
May 15SBSGreasy Melo7/405.1
May 15SBSGreasy Melo8/406.8
May 15tvNA Poem A Day16/160.820
May 14KBS2The Miracle We Met13/1610.8
May 14MBCInvestigation Couple1/324.5
May 14MBCInvestigation Couple2/324.9
May 14SBSGreasy Melo5/405.4
May 14SBSGreasy Melo6/405.8
May 14tvNA Poem A Day15/160.925

Korean Drama Ratings: Highlights

1. The Miracle We Met maintains double-digit viewership amid premieres of 2 new rivals. KBS2’s The Miracle We Met easily achieved 10.8 and 10.9 percent viewership despite the addition of two new dramas to the Mon-Tue time slot. The average rating of the drama as of last week is 10.7 percent while that of MBC’s Investigation Couple and SBS’s Greasy Melo stand at 5.3 and 5.7 percent, respectively. The Miracle We Met nearly doubled its rivals’ records, but can it sustain its own? Both its rivals recorded a significant increase during the last episode last week, so The Miracle We Met may suffer a decrease this week.

2. Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food records average rating of 5 %. It’s 5.380 percent to be exact, making Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (also known as Something In The Rain) one of the highest-rated cable dramas (Misty, Live, and My Ajusshi) so far this year. The series posted a peak nationwide rating of 7.281 percent.

3. My Ajusshi finishes run with 8 % viewership. Although hounded by controversy concerning the age gap of the lead actors, My Ajusshi achieved high viewership and aired its finale with nationwide and Seoul peak ratings of 7.352 and 8.170 percent, respectively. The series is actually a human story, not a love story, about people who are enduring the burden of their lives and helping each other. It earned a lot of love from viewers for its story and directing, which is handled by PD Kim Won-suk of Signal and Misaeng.

4. Lawless Lawyer renews highest rating. This drama achieved a 5-percent viewership right off the bat and surpassed 6 percent the next day.  That is an amazing record and now it just renewed its peak rating, pulling in a whopping 6.132 percent and topping last week’s ranking of cable shows. As far as TV ratings are concerned, Lawless Lawyer is better than Something In The Rain and My Ajusshi.

5. Suits continues to decline in viewership. Suits nearly achieved a double-digit viewership on its second week with a 9.7 percent rating but since then the numbers have dropped. The latest episode recorded its lowest rating so far, at 7.4 percent, which it also recorded on its premiere week. This figure may increase next week if its newest rival (The Undateables starring Namgoong Min) doesn’t get in the way.

6. A Poem A Day ends up becoming lowest-rated drama so far in 2018. 11 out of its 16 episodes recorded below-one-percent viewership, making the final average ratings equal to 1.010 %. At least the average didn’t go below this number. The drama has actually an interesting story about medical professionals (not the usual doctors starring in medical series) so perhaps the low viewership is a result of viewers not liking the cast.


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