Korean Drama Ratings from March 19 to 25, 2018

Two dramas ended last week, with Misty recording its highest rating during the last hour of broadcast and Return pulling in over 16 percent, notwithstanding the big issue the production team had faced earlier due to the replacement of the female lead.

Korean Drama Rating from March 19 to 25, 2018. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
March 25KBS2Marry Me Now?4/5026.7
March 25MBCMan Who Sets The Table1/5010.5
March 25MBCMan Who Sets The Table2/5012.0
March 25OCNChildren of a Lesser God8/163.295
March 25tvNLive6/185.067
March 24JTBCMisty16/168.452
March 24KBS2Marry Me Now?3/5023.1
March 24MBCMy Husband Oh Jak Doo7/249.2
March 24MBCMy Husband Oh Jak Doo8/2412.9
March 24OCNChildren of a Lesser God7/162.528
March 24SBSGood Witch13/40to be updated
March 24SBSGood Witch14/407.0
March 24SBSGood Witch15/406.9
March 24SBSGood Witch16/407.8
March 24tvNLive5/184.865
March 23JTBCMisty15/167.266
March 22KBS2Mystery Queen 28/164.7
March 22MBCLet's Hold Hands & Watch The Sunset3/322.7
March 22MBCLet's Hold Hands & Watch The Sunset4/323.0
March 22SBSReturn33/3414.6
March 22SBSReturn34/3416.7
March 22tvNMy Ahjussi2/164.133
March 21KBS2Mystery Queen 27/164.7
March 21MBCLet's Hold Hands & Watch The Sunset1/322.1
March 21MBCLet's Hold Hands & Watch The Sunset2/323.4
March 21SBSReturn31/3413.3
March 21SBSReturn32/3416.1
March 21tvNMy Ahjussi1/163.923
March 20JTBCEulachacha Waikiki12/162.102
March 20KBS2Radio Romance16/163.1
March 20MBCThe Great Seducer7/322.5
March 20MBCThe Great Seducer8/322.3
March 20SBSShould We Kiss First19/329.5
March 20SBSShould We Kiss First20/3211.9
March 20tvNCross16/164.222
March 19JTBCEulachacha Waikiki11/161.837
March 19KBS2Radio Romance15/162.6
March 19MBCThe Great Seducer5/322.6
March 19MBCThe Great Seducer6/322.9
March 19SBSShould We Kiss First17/328.8
March 19SBSShould We Kiss First18/3211.1
March 19tvNCross15/163.292

Korean Drama Rating Highlights

1. Misty records highest rating during finale. JTBC has proven once again that it is no more an underdog network when it comes to drama viewership, as its Fri-Sat series Misty ended with a whopping 8.452-percent rating. This is the second time the series pulled in over 8 percent in viewership, following the 8.058 percent it got during the 14th episode. With these records, the drama more than doubled its pilot episode rating of 3.5 percent, becoming the highest-rated cable drama so far in 2018.

2. Return concludes broadcast with 16.7 percent. Return made it to the finish line successfully despite the lead cast issue it encountered halfway through its run, obtaining a peak rating of 17.4 percent, ending its broadcast with 16.7 percent, and recording an average rating of 13.6 percent. The series got extended by two episodes to address scheduling issues, but the extension was approved in the first place because the drama’s viewership was such a success. It is the first free-to-air drama in 2018 to sustain a double-digit viewership throughout its run, so kudos to the cast and the production team!

3. My Ahjussi off to a good start with 3.9 percent rating. IU’s comeback to the small screen was welcomed by a 3.923-percent viewership followed by a promising improvement to 4.133 percent. The question to be asked right now is whether the series can sustain these numbers over time, especially that some viewers have the tendency to boycott the series because of the age gap between IU and the male leads.

4. Children of a Lesser God renews highest rating. OCN’s weekend drama has been recording mediocre numbers (around 2.7 percent) ever since it started its broadcast but its latest episode showed a promising increase in rating from 2.528 percent to 3.295 percent. The newest figure is the drama’s peak rating as of the now.



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