Korean Drama Ratings from June 4 to 24, 2018

Both What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim and Lawless Lawyer surpass 7 percent in viewership, making them one of the highest-rated cable dramas so far this year. On one hand, About Time suffered from a drastic drop in ratings to 0.9 percent.

Korean Drama Ratings from June 4 to 24, 2018. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
June 24KBS2Marry Me Now?29/5031.4
June 24OCNLife on Mars6/163.969
June 24tvNLawless Lawyer14/167.089
June 23JTBCSketch10/162.559
June 23MBCParting Left13/405.5
June 23MBCParting Left14/408.5
June 23MBCParting Left15/407.4
June 23MBCParting Left16/408.2
June 23OCNLife on Mars5/163.098
June 23SBSSecret Mother21/404.0
June 23SBSSecret Mother22/405.0
June 23SBSSecret Mother23/405.8
June 23SBSSecret Mother24/406.1
June 23tvNLawless Lawyer13/165.050
June 22JTBCSketch9/162.835
June 21MBCCome and Hug Me17/323.7
June 21MBCCome and Hug Me18/324.9
June 21SBSThe Undateables15/32to be updated
June 21SBSThe Undateables16/32to be updated
June 21tvNWhat's Wrong With Secretary Kim6/167.687
June 20SBSThe Undateables13/32to be updated
June 20SBSThe Undateables14/32to be updated
June 20tvNWhat's Wrong With Secretary Kim5/166.855
June 19JTBCMiss Hammurabi9/164.495
June 19tvNAbout Time10/161.628
June 18JTBCMiss Hammurabi8/164.523
June 18KBS2Are You Human Too9/368.1
June 18KBS2Are You Human Too10/367.9
June 18tvNAbout Time9/160.900
June 17KBS2Marry Me Now?28/5031.8
June 17MBCRich Family's Son45/60to be updated
June 17MBCRich Family's Son46/60to be updated
June 17MBCRich Family's Son47/60to be updated
June 17MBCRich Family's Son48/60to be updated
June 17OCNLife on Mars4/163.762
June 17tvNLawless Lawyer12/166.754
June 16JTBCSketch8/162.4
June 16KBS2Marry Me Now?27/5023.8
June 16OCNLife on Mars3/163.268
June 16tvNLawless Lawyer11/164.028
June 15JTBCSketch7/162.459
June 14KBS2Suits16/1610.7
June 14MBCCome and Hug Me15/323.4
June 14MBCCome and Hug Me16/323.8
June 14SBSThe Undateables11/323.5
June 14SBSThe Undateables12/323.6
June 14tvNWhat's Wrong With Secretary Kim4/166.379
June 13KBS2Suits15/169.1
June 13tvNWhat's Wrong With Secretary Kim3/166.950
June 12JTBCMiss Hammurabi7/164.475
June 12KBS2Are You Human Too7/367.7
June 12KBS2Are You Human Too8/369.9
June 12tvNAbout Time8/162.083
June 11KBS2Are You Human Too5/365.4
June 11KBS2Are You Human Too6/366.3
June 11MBCInvestigation Couple17/326.9
June 11MBCInvestigation Couple18/327.7
June 11SBSGreasy Melo21/405.4
June 11SBSGreasy Melo22/406.4
June 11tvNAbout Time7/161.452
June 10KBS2Marry Me Now?26/5031.7
June 10MBCRich Family's Son45/605.4
June 10MBCRich Family's Son46/6010.1
June 10MBCRich Family's Son47/6010.0
June 10MBCRich Family's Son48/6010.3
June 10OCNLife on Mars2/163.122
June 10tvNLawless Lawyer10/166.843
June 9JTBCSketch6/163.405
June 9KBS2Marry Me Now?25/5028.0
June 9MBCParting Left9/404.2
June 9MBCParting Left10/4010.0
June 9MBCParting Left11/409.8
June 9MBCParting Left12/4010.3
June 9OCNLife on Mars1/162.081
June 9SBSSecret Mother17/405.6
June 9SBSSecret Mother18/406.8
June 9SBSSecret Mother19/407.7
June 9SBSSecret Mother20/408.1
June 9tvNLawless Lawyer9/165.623
June 8JTBCSketch5/163.222
June 7KBS2Suits14/169.2
June 7SBSThe Undateables11/324.1
June 7SBSThe Undateables12/324.4
June 7tvNWhat's Wrong With Secretary Kim2/165.403
June 6KBS2Suits13/168.4
June 6MBCCome and Hug Me13/324.3
June 6MBCCome and Hug Me14/324.5
June 6SBSThe Undateables9/323.2
June 6SBSThe Undateables10/323.9
June 6tvNWhat's Wrong With Secretary Kim1/165.757
June 5JTBCMiss Hammurabi6/165.083
June 5KBS2Are You Human Too3/365.0
June 5KBS2Are You Human Too4/365.3
June 5MBCInvestigation Couple15/326.7
June 5MBCInvestigation Couple16/328.2
June 5SBSGreasy Melo19/405.7
June 5SBSGreasy Melo20/406.4
June 5tvNAbout Time6/161.652
June 4JTBCMiss Hammurabi5/164.735
June 4KBS2Are You Human Too1/365.2
June 4KBS2Are You Human Too2/365.9
June 4MBCInvestigation Couple13/327.0
June 4MBCInvestigation Couple14/327.7
June 4SBSGreasy Melo17/406.0
June 4SBSGreasy Melo18/406.5
June 4tvNAbout Time5/161.483

Korean Drama Ratings: Highlights

1. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim breaks records in viewership. Man, this show’s ratings are going nowhere but up. The drama premiered with a record-breaking pilot episode rating of 5.757 percent, the highest among the pilot episode ratings of cable dramas so far this year. It then surpassed 6 percent on its third episode and has achieved 7.687 percent for its latest broadcast. The result? An average rating of 6.505 percent, making it the highest-rated Korean cable dramas so far in 2018.

2. Lawless Lawyer surpassed 7 %. As this series nears its finale, it has achieved an all-time high rating of 7.089 percent, making it one of the only few cable dramas so far in 2018 to surpass the 7 % percent mark. This is a remarkable achievement for the drama whose average rating of 5.9 percent already made it to the list of the top Korean dramas in the first half of 2018.

3. Are You Human Too? nearly reach double-digit viewership. This is all thanks to the cancellation of its rival shows’ broadcast on June 12 (due to coverage of local elections). The sci-fi romance drama achieved 9.9 percent in nationwide viewership, its highest rating so far since its premiere.

4. Life on Mars renews peak rating to almost 4 %. The Korean remake of the British series of the same title is doing all right as far as TV ratings are concerned. It premiered with just 2 percent and now has basically doubled this number for its latest episode which got 3.969 percent. It already beat Sketch on the weekly ranking of Korean dramas based on average ratings.

5. About Time hit an all-time low rating below 1 %. This show is definitely having a hard time wooing the viewers as the broadcast on June 18 recorded a very disappointing 0.887 percent. The series’s ratings are actually hovering around 1.5 percent, so the drastic drop in ratings is quite sudden—something that can be blamed to the FIFA World Cup match between South Korea and Sweden on that very day.


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