Korean Drama Ratings from August 13 to 19, 2018

Cable network tvN’s high-budget drama Mr. Sunshine continues to shine brightly with a massive rating surpassing 15 percent. The drama’s writer-director pair is really quite something, isn’t it? Cable drama Familiar Wife is also doing a great job while the audience share of free-to-air series Your House Helper plummeted to less than 2 percent.

Korean Drama Ratings from August 13 to 19, 2018. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
Oct 14KBS2My Only One19/10026.1
Oct 14KBS2My Only One20/10030.1
Oct 14OCNThe Player6/164.573
Oct 14tvNRoom No. 94/165.602
Oct 13JTBCThe Third Charm6/162.970
Oct 13KBS2My Only One17/10021.6
Oct 13KBS2My Only One18/10025.9
Oct 13MBCHide and Seek25/405.3
Oct 13MBCHide and Seek26/4010.2
Oct 13MBCHide and Seek27/4010.6
Oct 13MBCHide and Seek28/4011.2
Oct 13OCNThe Player5/163.720
Oct 13SBSMs. Ma, Nemesis5/405.3
Oct 13SBSMs. Ma, Nemesis6/406.1
Oct 13SBSMs. Ma, Nemesis7/406.3
Oct 13SBSMs. Ma, Nemesis8/406.6
Oct 13tvNRoom No. 93/164.785
Oct 12JTBCThe Third Charm5/162.722
Oct 11KBS2The Ghost Detective21/322.0
Oct 11KBS2The Ghost Detective22/322.2
Oct 11MBCTerius Behind Me11/327.4
Oct 11MBCTerius Behind Me12/328.8
Oct 11OCNThe Guest10/163.054
Oct 11SBSHeart Surgeons11/327.4
Oct 11SBSHeart Surgeons12/328.3
Oct 11tvNThe Smile Has Left Your Eyes4/163.046
Oct 10KBS2The Ghost Detective19/322.3
Oct 10KBS2The Ghost Detective20/322.2
Oct 10MBCTerius Behind Me9/326.9
Oct 10MBCTerius Behind Me10/329.4
Oct 10OCNThe Guest9/162.887
Oct 10SBSHeart Surgeons9/405.8
Oct 10SBSHeart Surgeons10/407.0
Oct 10tvNThe Smile Has Left Your Eyes3/162.988
Oct 9JTBCThe Beauty Inside4/164.331
Oct 9KBS2Matrimonial Chaos3/322.9
Oct 9KBS2Matrimonial Chaos4/323.9
Oct 9MBCBad Papa7/322.8
Oct 9MBCBad Papa8/323.2
Oct 9SBSWhere Stars Land7/327.2
Oct 9SBSWhere Stars Land8/329.0
Oct 9tvN100 Days My Prince10/1610.263
Oct 8JTBCThe Beauty Inside3/163.479
Oct 8KBS2Matrimonial Chaos1/323.2
Oct 8KBS2Matrimonial Chaos2/324.0
Oct 8MBCBad Papa5/322.4
Oct 8MBCBad Papa6/323.5
Oct 8SBSWhere Stars Land5/326.7
Oct 8SBSWhere Stars Land6/329.1
Oct 8tvN100 Days My Prince9/169.089

Korean Drama Ratings: Highlights

1. Mr. Sunshine surpasses 15 %. This is a new proof that tells everyone how successful Mr. Sunshine has become in terms of nationwide viewership. Halfway through its run, the rating stands at 13.399 percent and this figure rose to 15.626 percent on the 14th episode. There are still 10 episodes left for broadcast, so it would be unsurprising to find out later on that the series has broken the record of Goblin and Reply 1988, which also both interestingly achieved over 15 percent viewership on the 14th episode.

2. Familiar Wife renews highest rating. Again? The series renewed its peak rating for the third consecutive time since episode 3. This time the peak record stands at 7.259 percent, which is already impressive enough for the production team to organize a party. The folks at tvN are sure quite happy because their Wed-Thu dramas (My Ajusshi, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, etc.) have recorded decent ratings so far.

3. Thirty But Seventeen finally pulls in over 10 %. It took 16 episodes (or 8 weeks) for the series to surpass the coveted 10 % mark, thanks to the exit of Are You Human Too in the competition and the entrance of a new series that had failed to woo more viewers during its premiere. It’s too early to draw a conclusion, but as long as Thirty But Seventeen is able to defend and sustain its standing, the drama will continue to occupy the top spot in ratings.

4. Voice 2 close to 5 % mark. It seems like this series is following the footstep of its predecessor, Voiceas the series’ latest episode posted a rating of 4.950 percent. Voice performed better than Voice in terms of pilot episode rating, pulling in an audience share of 3.938 percent (versus Voice’s 2.346 percent). 

5. Your House Helper suffers from drop to less than 2 %. This is a bad news for KBS2 as the series saw a decline in ratings to 1.7 percent, making Your House Helper one of the free-to-air dramas (remember Manhole?) this year to record an audience share below 2 percent. The sudden decrease in rating can be partly attributed to the live coverage of Asian Games on other channels.


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