Korean Drama Ratings from April 9 to 15, 2018

Two cable dramas have surpassed 6 percent in viewership ratings with Live and Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food on their way to break through 7 %. Meanwhile, A Poem A Day could hardly achieve a one-percent viewership, becoming the first tvN drama this year to end up a commercial flop.

Korean Drama Rating from April 9 to 15, 2018. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
April 15KBS2Marry Me Now?10/5029.4
April 15MBCRich Family's Son13/50to be updated
April 15MBCRich Family's Son14/509.0
April 15MBCRich Family's Son15/509.9
April 15MBCRich Family's Son16/5010.1
April 15OCNChildren of a Lesser God14/163.847
April 15tvNLive12/186.653
April 14JTBCPretty Noona Who Buys Me Food6/166.187
April 14KBS2Marry Me Now?9/5024.8
April 14MBCMy Husband Oh Jak Doo13/249.3
April 14MBCMy Husband Oh Jak Doo14/2412.2
April 14OCNChildren of a Lesser God13/163.155
April 14SBSGood Witch25/40to be updated
April 14SBSGood Witch26/406.9
April 14SBSGood Witch27/407.0
April 14SBSGood Witch28/408.2
April 14tvNLive11/186.238
April 13JTBCPretty Noona Who Buys Me Food5/165.134
April 12KBS2Mystery Queen 214/167.3
April 12MBCLet's Hold Hands & Watch The Sunset15/323.4
April 12MBCLet's Hold Hands & Watch The Sunset16/324.2
April 12SBSSwitch11/325.7
April 12SBSSwitch12/326.8
April 12tvNMy Ahjussi8/165.313
April 11KBS2Mystery Queen 213/167.2
April 11MBCLet's Hold Hands & Watch The Sunset13/322.9
April 11MBCLet's Hold Hands & Watch The Sunset14/323.7
April 11SBSSwitch9/325.8
April 11SBSSwitch10/326.9
April 11tvNMy Ahjussi7/164.487
April 10JTBCEulachacha Waikiki18/202.069
April 10KBS2The Miracle We Meet4/2010.9
April 10MBCThe Great Seducer19/322.0
April 10MBCThe Great Seducer20/321.9
April 10SBSShould We Kiss First31/407.6
April 10SBSShould We Kiss First32/409.3
April 10tvNA Poem A Day6/161.061
April 9JTBCEulachacha Waikiki17/201.941
April 9KBS2The Miracle We Meet3/2011.2
April 9MBCThe Great Seducer17/321.8
April 9MBCThe Great Seducer18/321.6
April 9SBSShould We Kiss First29/407.9
April 9SBSShould We Kiss First30/409.3
April 9tvNA Poem A Day5/160.900

Korean Drama Ratings: Highlights

1. Live maintains high viewership. The latest episode of the series renews its highest rating to 6.7 percent, making the series one of the most successful cable dramas this year as far as viewership ratings are concerned. The series first surpassed the 6-percent mark on its 10th episode and has since then sustained a 6-percent viewership. The screenplay of the drama is written by award-winning screenwriter Noh Hee-kyung whose works (Dear My Friends, The Most Beautiful Goodbye in The World) received critical acclaim from the audience.

2. Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food pulls in over 6 percent in viewership. JTBC’s “noona romance” drama is becoming a hit among the local audience as its ratings continue to improve from 4 percent to 6 percent. The latest episode of the series achieved 6.2 percent nationwide and a whopping 7.1 percent in Seoul area.

3. My Ahjussi surpasses 5 percent viewership. The drama consistently improved its ratings since the fourth episode and finally recorded 5.3 percent on its latest broadcast. Except for A Poem A Day, all tvN dramas are performing very well these days.

4. The Miracle We Met pulls off a double-digit viewership on its second week. The newest KBS drama beat Should We Kiss First and The Great Seducer by pulling in 11.2 percent in ratings. Both rivals of the drama saw a significant drop in ratings, with The Great Seducer recording less than 2 percent. 

5. Mystery Queen 2 unseats Switch from top Wed-Thu spot. KBS2’s mystery drama finally achieved over 7 percent in viewership, an achievement that unseated SBS’s Switch from the top midweek spot in ratings. Switch dominated the midweek broadcast right after Return ended but failed to maintain its position.

6. A Poem A Day records less than 1 % in viewership ratings. This is bad news for tvN as the medical drama continues to strive to achieve decent numbers. Its 5th episode posted 0.9 percent, the lowest rating ever for a cable drama so far this year.



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