Korean Drama Rating from September 11 to 17, 2017

Last week saw SBS’s Falsify ending with an impressive double-digit rating, making Namgoong Min’s second drama this year a success just like Chief Kim. Meanwhile, the nostalgic throwback series Lingerie Girls’ Generation had its premiere. Its first episode recorded a modest  4.3 % but the second surprisingly improved to 4.8 %, giving KBS hope that it will be able to recover from the low-digit viewership of School 2017 and somehow neutralize the embarrassing performance of Manhole.

Korean Drama Rating from September 11-17, 2017. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
Sep 11KBSLingerie Girls' Generation1/84.3
Sep 11MBCThe King Loves33/405.8
Sep 11MBCThe King Loves34/406.4
Sep 11SBSFalsify29/3210.3
Sep 11SBSFalsify30/3212.4
Sep 11tvNArgon3/82.588
Sep 12KBSLingerie Girls' Generation2/84.8
Sep 12MBCThe King Loves35/406.6
Sep 12MBCThe King Loves36/407.2
Sep 12SBSFalsify31/3211.0
Sep 12SBSFalsify32/3212.4
Sep 12tvNArgon4/82.411
Sep 13KBSManhole: Feel So Good11/162.1
Sep 13MBCHospital Ship9/329.8
Sep 13MBCHospital Ship10/3212.0
Sep 13SBSReunited Worlds33/404.5
Sep 13SBSReunited Worlds34/405.8
Sep 13tvNCriminal Minds15/202.119
Sep 14KBSManhole: Feel So Good12/161.9
Sep 14MBCHospital Ship11/3211.0
Sep 14MBCHospital Ship12/3212.9
Sep 14SBSReunited Worlds35/405.3
Sep 14SBSReunited Worlds36/406.1
Sep 14tvNCriminal Minds16/202.482
Sep 15KBSStrongest Deliveryman13/165.4
Sep 15JTBCAge of Youth 27/122.839
Sep 16KBSStrongest Deliveryman14/166.7
Sep 16JTBCAge of Youth 28/123.099
Sep 16OCNSave Me13/162.549
Sep 16tvNLive Up To Your Name11/165.889
Sep 17OCNSave Me14/163.001
Sep 17tvNLive Up To Your Name12/166.164

Korean Drama Rating Highlights

1. Falsify finishes off broadcast with 12.4 %. This SBS drama recorded 27 double-digit ratings out of its 32 total episodes, resulting in an average of 11.1 %. This record is way higher than My Sassy Girl‘s 8.8 % and beats Fight For My Way‘s 10.9 %.

2. Hospital Ship maintains high viewership ratings. It almost reached 13.0 % last week and will probably not lose its momentum until While You Were Sleeping enters the competition on September 27.

3. Age of Youth 2 breaks through 3 %. JTBC’s sequel of last year’s coming-of-age drama has become more successful than the first season as far as ratings are concerned, renewing its all-time high record recently and even topping the list of most buzzworthy dramas in its first three weeks of broadcast. The numbers it was pulling off may not be as high as its predecessors’ records but the fact that a follow-up season surpasses the success of the original series is enough to make the executives at JTBC proud.

4. Save Me achieves 3 % again. The religious cult thriller over at OCN also pulled off an impressive 3 % last week. It means the base of viewers following it have never lost their interest in the drama’s story.

5. Lingerie Girls’ Generation sees promising improvement on second episode. The newest teen drama from KBS did not start impressively with its 4.3 % rating but this number increased by 0.5 percentage point the following day to 4.8 %. This implies that viewers become interested in the drama and we can expect the numbers to go up this week. It’s actually too early to say anything about its future performance but it is not impossible for the series to surpass 5 % tonight or tomorrow.

6. Argon drops to its lowest rating yet. TvN’s own journalism-themed drama seems not getting the attention of viewers as it recorded its lowest rating of 2.411 % last week.

7. Manhole: Feel So Good still suffering from poor ratings. For the last five weeks, KBS’s ongoing time travel series has been hovering around 2 %. It has no way to pull off some decent numbers against the hit Hospital Ship, which is why it posted 1.9 % last week, its third rating that is lower than 2 %.

Weekly Ranking

This ranking of ongoing dramas is based on the average nationwide ratings of the dramas’ episodes that aired until September 17, 2017.

Free-to-Air Dramas (dramas from KBS, MBC, and SBS)
  1. Hospital Ship – 11.2 %
  2. Falsify – 11.1 %
  3. The King Loves – 6.6 %
  4. Reunited Worlds – 6.5 %
  5. Strongest Deliveryman – 5.8 %
  6. Lingerie Girls’ Generation – 4.6 %
  7. Manhole: Feel So Good – 2.1 %
Cable Dramas (dramas from JTBC, OCN, and tvN)
  1. Live Up To Your Name – 5.304 %
  2. Criminal Minds – 2.795 %
  3. Argon – 2.592 %
  4. Age of Youth 2 – 2.466 %
  5. Save Me – 2.255 %


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