Korean Drama Rating from September 4 to 10, 2017

Medical dramas are leading the weekly ranking for both free-to-air and cable dramas last week. Hospital Ship already surpassed the average rating of Falsify just two weeks into its 8-week run while Live Up To Your Name has continued its successful broadcast and is up to beat Secret Forest‘s peak rating very soon. 

Korean Drama Rating from September 4-10, 2017. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
Sep 4KBSSchool 201715/164.1
Sep 4MBCThe King Loves29/405.7
Sep 4MBCThe King Loves30/406.0
Sep 4SBSFalsify25/3210.0
Sep 4SBSFalsify26/3211.6
Sep 4tvNArgon1/82.500
Sep 5KBSSchool 201716/164.6
Sep 5MBCThe King Loves31/406.6
Sep 5MBCThe King Loves32/407.3
Sep 5SBSFalsify27/3210.3
Sep 5SBSFalsify28/3212.2
Sep 5tvNArgon2/82.869
Sep 6KBSManhole: Feel So Good9/162.2
Sep 6MBCHospital Ship5/3210.3
Sep 6MBCHospital Ship6/3211.8
Sep 6SBSReunited Worlds29/405.1
Sep 6SBSReunited Worlds30/406.6
Sep 6tvNCriminal Minds13/162.236
Sep 7KBSManhole: Feel So Good10/161.8
Sep 7MBCHospital Ship7/3211.3
Sep 7MBCHospital Ship8/3213.0
Sep 7SBSReunited Worlds31/405.7
Sep 7SBSReunited Worlds32/406.4
Sep 7tvNCriminal Minds14/162.934
Sep 8KBSStrongest Deliveryman11/165.8
Sep 8JTBCAge of Youth 25/122.248
Sep 9KBSStrongest Deliveryman12/166.9
Sep 9JTBCAge of Youth 26/122.817
Sep 9OCNSave Me11/162.646
Sep 9tvNLive Up To Your Name9/165.965
Sep 10OCNSave Me12/162.879
Sep 10tvNLive Up To Your Name10/166.520

Korean Drama Rating Highlights

1. Hospital Ship reaches 13 %. It seems like there’s no stopping Hospital Ship from dominating the Wednesday-Thursday slot. Last week, the MBC drama broke its own previous highest record and set another at flat 13.0 %. This has resulted to its first spot on the ranking below. The medical series is expected to record double-digit ratings in the next weeks to come until the premiere of While You Were Sleeping. Lee Jong-suk’s and Suzy’s combined star power is sure to slow down, if not totally overpower, the ‘ship’. But more than the star-studded cast, many viewers may prefer the upcoming drama to Hospital Ship because it boasts of I Can Hear Your Voice writer and My Love From The Star PD in its production team.

2. Live Up To Your Name continues to rise, breaks own highest record. The medical time-slip sageuk rom-com shows no sign of decline as far as ratings are concerned. Its latest episode that aired Sunday night achieved a whopping 6.520 %, which is very close to Secret Forest‘s peak rating of 6.568 %. The drama has already surpassed the achievement of Secret Forest as its average rating now stands at 5.160 % which is higher than Secret Forest‘s 4.562 % by about 0.6 percentage point.

3. Falsify maintains double-digit ratings, surpasses 12 % anew. SBS’s journalism-themed drama Falsify has dominated Mondays and Tuesdays since it started its run. It pulled off its highest rating over the past six weeks — an impressive 12.2 %. The drama will most likely hover around this number as it airs its last four episodes this week. 

4. Age of Youth 2 sets new record. This cable drama over at JTBC posted its highest rating last week since it premiered in August. 2.817 % is not a whopping number, but it reflects a positive progress that the folks at JTBC hope to see at least each week. Compared to its predecessors, the numbers are rising at a slower pace for the series, so a pretty successful season 2 remains up in the air now.

5. School 2017 holds lowest average rating among 2017 weekday dramas that already ended. The latest and 7th installment of the School series from KBS ended last week with a dismal average rating of 4.5 %. This is after it recorded its lowest rating of 4.1 % on its second to the last episode. It set the lowest average among completed 2017 free-to-air dramas which aired on the Monday-Tuesday and Wednesday-Thursday slots, beating Missing Nine‘s 4.6 % by a small margin.

6. Manhole drops to less than 2 % again. The rise of Hospital Ship means the fall of time-slip romantic comedy Manhole: Feel So Good, which recorded a disappointing 1.8 % last week. It could hardly achieve decent numbers or at least something higher than 2.5 % given the success of its rival. The drama has still 6 episodes more to go but the executives at KBS probably just want it to end already. Episode cut can be extended anytime from now.

Weekly Ranking

This ranking of ongoing dramas is based on the average nationwide ratings of the dramas’ episodes that aired until September 10, 2017.

Free-to-Air Dramas (dramas from KBS, MBC, and SBS)
  1. Hospital Ship – 11.1 %
  2. Falsify – 11.0 %
  3. The King Loves – 6.7 %
  4. Reunited Worlds – 6.6 %
  5. Strongest Deliveryman – 5.7 %
  6. School 2017 – 4.5 %
  7. Manhole: Feel So Good – 2.2 %
Cable Dramas (dramas from JTBC, OCN, and tvN)
  1. Live Up To Your Name – 5.160 %
  2. Criminal Minds – 2.866 %
  3. Argon – 2.685 %
  4. Age of Youth 2 – 2.298 %
  5. Save Me – 2.169 %


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