Korean Drama Rating from September 18 to 24, 2017

Among the four dramas that ended last week, OCN’s cult thriller Save Me had the most notable exit, followed by KBS’s Strongest Deliveryman. The eerie show almost broke through 5 % at its final hour despite recording just around 2-3 % in the previous weeks while the slice-of-life Deliveryman pulled off its all-time high record, at nearly 8 %. On the other hand, The King Loves and Reunited Worlds finished their 10-week broadcast in an unsatisfactory manner. 

Korean Drama Rating from September 18-24, 2017. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
Sep 18KBSLingerie Girls' Generation3/84.1
Sep 18MBCThe King Loves37/405.8
Sep 18MBCThe King Loves38/406.8
Sep 18SBSTemperature of Love1/407.1
Sep 18SBSTemperature of Love2/408.0
Sep 18tvNArgon5/82.602
Sep 19KBSLingerie Girls' Generation4/84.1
Sep 19MBCThe King Loves39/407.2
Sep 19MBCThe King Loves40/407.6
Sep 19SBSTemperature of Love3/407.2
Sep 19SBSTemperature of Love4/409.2
Sep 19tvNArgon6/83.068
Sep 20KBSManhole: Feel So Good13/162.6
Sep 20MBCHospital Ship13/329.8
Sep 20MBCHospital Ship14/3211.6
Sep 20SBSReunited Worlds37/405.4
Sep 20SBSReunited Worlds38/406.6
Sep 20tvNCriminal Minds17/202.474
Sep 21KBSManhole: Feel So Good14/162.3
Sep 21MBCHospital Ship15/3210.5
Sep 21MBCHospital Ship16/3212.4
Sep 21SBSReunited Worlds39/406.1
Sep 21SBSReunited Worlds40/406.2
Sep 21tvNCriminal Minds18/202.947
Sep 22KBSStrongest Deliveryman15/165.1
Sep 22JTBCAge of Youth 29/122.772
Sep 23KBSStrongest Deliveryman16/167.7
Sep 23JTBCAge of Youth 210/123.145
Sep 23OCNSave Me15/163.244
Sep 23tvNLive Up To Your Name13/165.590
Sep 24OCNSave Me16/164.797
Sep 24tvNLive Up To Your Name14/165.364

Korean Drama Rating Highlights

1. Save Me breaks through 4 %. OCN’s cult thriller series ended last week with an impressive 4.797 %, proving itself to be a sleeper hit drama that hovered around 1.5 % in ratings within its first two weeks of broadcast but went on to become a successful OCN show. Its average rating of 2.476 % is sure not a very big number but considering the process that led to this figure calls for a celebration. Look at the drama’s rating chart below and be impressed.

Save Me Ratings

2. Strongest Deliveryman achieves highest rating during finale. This KBS drama made its own exit on Fridays and Saturdays and did so in a good way, obtaining its highest rating of 7.7 % and an average of 5.8 %. The drama’s journey is full of ups and downs in ratings (see chart below) but at least the general trend is positive and the ending is satisfactory.

3. Age of Youth 2 renews highest rating. Good for JTBC, its coming-of-age drama breaks through 3 % again and set another all-time high record of 3.145 %, better than its previous record of 3.099 %.

4. Argon surpasses 3 %. The number is 3.068 % to be exact, signaling a successful finale this week. As far as the ratings are cocnerned, the drama is really performing just right at over 2.5 %, so even if it ends up with below-3-percent doesn’t make it any less good.

5. Temperature of Love premieres with 7.1 %. SBS’s new drama was not able to duplicate Falsify‘s success, but at least it ended the week at 9.2 %, implying that reaching a double-digit rating this week is not impossible to happen.

6. The King Loves ends 10-week run with 7.2 and 7.6 %. MBC had high hopes for The King Loves to be successful prior to its premiere. After all, the drama has a star-studded cast led by singer-actors and a legendary writer that penned hit 1990s dramas such as Eyes of Dawn and Sandglass. But what the network expected did not happen at all as The King Loves‘s rival over at SBS was the one that gained a solid 10-percent-plus in viewership.

7. Reunited Worlds exits with 6.2 %. The second drama that ended last week is this supernatural rom-com. Ratings-wise it is just another average series with an average rating of 6.4 %, something that is not remarkable nor embarrassing. 

8. Lingerie Girls’ Generation drops to 4.1 %. The throwback drama over at KBS didn’t see an increase in ratings last week and instead recorded its lowest number since its premiere. It’s an unexpected development given that Temperature of Love did not ace the competition but probably it’s because those that followed Falsify checked something else other than the two dramas.

Weekly Ranking

This ranking of ongoing dramas is based on the average nationwide ratings of the dramas’ episodes that aired until September 24, 2017.

Free-to-Air Dramas (dramas from KBS, MBC, and SBS)

  1. Hospital Ship – 11.2 %
  2. Temperature of Love – 7.9 %
  3. The King Loves – 6.7 %
  4. Reunited Worlds – 6.4 %
  5. Strongest Deliveryman – 5.8 %
  6. Lingerie Girls’ Generation – 4.3 %
  7. Manhole: Feel So Good – 2.2 %

Cable Dramas (dramas from JTBC, OCN, and tvN)

  1. Live Up To Your Name – 5.329 %
  2. Criminal Minds – 2.786 %
  3. Argon – 2.673 %
  4. Age of Youth 2 – 2.564 %
  5. Save Me – 2.476 %


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