Korean Drama Rating from November 6 to 12, 2017

In the absence of an MBC drama on the Wed-Thu slot, Avengers Social Club emerged victorious last week by drawing a significant portion of Hospital Ship‘s audience that led to a remarkable increase in ratings to 6.1 %. Mad Dog also benefited from that change but While You Were Sleeping did not as its ratings barely improved from the previous week. Meanwhile, two Mon-Tue rom-com dramas suffered from their lowest ratings.

Korean Drama Rating from November 6-12 2017. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
Nov 6KBS2Witch's Court9/1610.1
Nov 6MBC20th Century Boy and Girl17/322.5
Nov 6MBC20th Century Boy and Girl18/322.7
Nov 6SBSTemperature of Love27/325.7
Nov 6SBSTemperature of Love28/326.9
Nov 6tvNBecause This Is My First Life9/163.652
Nov 7KBS2Witch's Court10/1611.4
Nov 7MBC20th Century Boy and Girl19/322.9
Nov 7MBC20th Century Boy and Girl20/322.8
Nov 7SBSTemperature of Love29/326.1
Nov 7SBSTemperature of Love30/327.2
Nov 7tvNBecause This Is My First Life10/164.197
Nov 8KBS2Mad Dog9/167.1
Nov 8SBSWhile You Were Sleeping25/326.8
Nov 8SBSWhile You Were Sleeping26/328.6
Nov 8tvNAvengers Social Club9/126.021
Nov 9KBS2Mad Dog10/166.8
Nov 9SBSWhile You Were Sleeping27/327.7
Nov 9SBSWhile You Were Sleeping28/329.6
Nov 9tvNAvengers Social Club10/126.126
Nov 10JTBCThe Package9/121.580
Nov 10KBS2Go Back Couple9/166.5
Nov 11JTBCThe Package10/121.955
Nov 11KBS2Go Back Couple10/166.0
Nov 11OCNBlack9/162.966
Nov 11tvNRevolutionary Love9/162.792
Nov 12OCNBlack10/163.409
Nov 12tvNRevolutionary Love10/162.637

Korean Drama Rating Highlights

1. Avengers Social Club breaks through 6 %. The series set a new peak rating of 6.126 %, an achievement that can be attributed partly to the absence of an MBC drama in the competition. Its average now stands at 5.0 % so it has already become the second tvN series this year (after Live Up To Your Name) with a similar record. This number is really a big deal for a cable show, so tvN must be celebrating.

2. Because This Is My First Life surpasses 4 %. This tvN rom-com has recorded even higher ratings in the second half of its 8-week broadcast compared to the previous 4 weeks. Its 10th episode on Tuesday achieved a new peak rating of 4.197 %. It seems like the Korean audience has found something in this show that kept them interested. Many international fans are also following the drama, as proven in part by the high number of comments on its discussion thread at r/KDRAMA.

3. Mad Dog renews highest rating. This crime thriller made a new record last week amid the absence of Hospital Ship on MBC. It pulled off its highest-rated broadcast (at 7.1 %) and beat its previous record by 0.2 percentage point.

4. Witch’s Court back on track with double-digit ratings. After dropping to 7 % in the previous week, this legal drama has again achieved impressive double-digit viewership ratings of 10.1 % and 11.4 %, beating rivals Temperature of Love and 20th Century Boy and Girl which both recorded their lowest rating to date last Monday night.

5. Temperature of Love, 20th Century Boy and Girl hit lowest rating. The first Monday episode of Temperature of Love dropped to 5.7 % which is lower than the previous record of 6.5 % while that of 20th Century Boy and Girl pulled in a measly 2.5 %, 0.3 percentage point lower than the previous record. These numbers are way smaller than Witch’s Court‘s 10.1 %.

Weekly Ranking

This ranking of ongoing dramas is based on the average nationwide ratings of the dramas’ episodes that aired until November 12, 2017.

Free-to-Air Dramas (dramas from KBS, MBC, and SBS)
  1. Witch’s Court – 9.7 %
  2. Temperature of Love – 8.5 %
  3. While You Were Sleeping – 8.2 %
  4. Mad Dog – 6.0 %
  5. Go Back Couple – 5.7 %
  6. 20th Century Boy and Girl – 3.3 %
Cable Dramas (dramas from JTBC, OCN, and tvN)
  1. Avengers Social Club – 5.008 %
  2. Black – 3.545 %
  3. Because This Is My First Life – 3.206 %
  4. Revolutionary Love – 3.002 %
  5. The Package – 1.800 %


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