Korean Drama Rating from November 20 to 26, 2017

Prison Playbook is poised to duplicate the success of Reply 1988. This is a daring statement backed by the series’ successful and record-breaking premiere that became the highest-rated drama pilot episode on cable TV so far in 2017. Meanwhile, free-to-air rom-com 20th Century Boy and Girl has continued its sufferring from poor viewership, dropping to an all-time low rating of 1.8 %.

Korean Drama Rating from November 20-26 2017. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
Nov 20KBS2Witch's Court13/1610.9
Nov 20MBC20th Century Boy and Girl25/321.8
Nov 20MBC20th Century Boy and Girl26/322.1
Nov 20SBSTemperature of Love35/406.1
Nov 20SBSTemperature of Love36/407.5
Nov 20tvNBecause This Is My First Life13/163.545
Nov 21KBS2Witch's Court14/1612.6
Nov 21MBC20th Century Boy and Girl27/322.1
Nov 21MBC20th Century Boy and Girl28/322.3
Nov 21SBSTemperature of Love37/406.7
Nov 21SBSTemperature of Love38/407.7
Nov 21SBSTemperature of Love39/408.4
Nov 21SBSTemperature of Love40/408.2
Nov 21tvNBecause This Is My First Life14/164.236
Nov 22KBS2Mad Dog13/167.4
Nov 22SBSNothing To Lose1/326.9
Nov 22SBSNothing To Lose2/328.0
Nov 22tvNPrison Playbook1/164.638
Nov 23KBS2Mad Dog14/168.3
Nov 23SBSNothing To Lose3/327.2
Nov 23SBSNothing To Lose4/327.6
Nov 23tvNPrison Playbook2/165.381
Nov 24JTBCUntouchable1/162.291
Nov 25JTBCUntouchable2/163.324
Nov 25KBS2My Golden Life25/5034.7
Nov 25MBCMoney Flower5/2411.4
Nov 25MBCMoney Flower6/2415.1
Nov 25OCNBlack13/162.532
Nov 25tvNRevolutionary Love13/162.729
Nov 26KBS2My Golden Life26/5039.0
Nov 26MBCMan Who Sets The Table23/5012.2
Nov 26MBCMan Who Sets The Table24/5014.5
Nov 26OCNBlack14/163.038
Nov 26tvNRevolutionary Love14/162.568

Korean Drama Rating Highlights

1. Prison Playbook off to a record-breaking start. Wow, this new cable show hit 5 % in ratings right off the bat and easily unseated Criminal Minds from the top spot in the list of dramas with highest pilot episode ratings by pulling in 4.638 %. This figure is by no means a small feat by cable TV standards, so it’s obvious that the viewers anticipated very much the return of a PD Shin Won-ho drama on the screen. Setting that record is hard enough, but maintaining or improving it is even harder to do in the next weeks to come. The folks at tvN must be keeping their fingers crossed for this show to achieve a Goblin or Reply-like success. For more details, click the related news here.

2. My Golden Life nears 40 %-mark. 25-30 % is not that hard to achieve for prime time weekend dramas, but reaching or surpassing 40 % is a completely different level. The last series to have made such a record is What Happens To My Family. That was over two years ago, and now My Golden Life seems very likely to achieve a similar feat with its impressive and very high viewership halfway through its run. Since it still has 24 episodes left to air, it can even break through 45 %.

3. Because This Is My First Life, Witch’s Court, & Mad Dog renew highest rating. Because This Is My First Life, tvN’s show about marriage and relationships as perceived by today’s youth, has hit 4 % again and set a new highest record at 4.236 %. Another Monday-Tuesday drama, Witch’s Court, also made a similar achievement by obtaining 12.6 % which beats the previous record by 0.3 percentage point. Meanwhile, KBS2’s Mad Dog pulled in an amazing 8.3 % despite the start of a new series over at SBS (Nothing To Lose). This is its peak rating so far, which is probably caused as well by the premiere of a new rival (in other words, the absence of While You Were Sleeping in the competition).

4. Untouchable starts off with 3.324 %. The 2 % during the premiere night is not bad at all but this newest series from JTBC made a big leap right after that episode, so JTBC is probably hoping for it to recover quickly from the sluggish performance of The Package.

5. Temperature of Love ends broadcast with 8.2 %. The 10-week broadcast of Temperature of Love is finally over with the series airing 4 consecutive episodes on its last day that culminated in 8.2 %, which is close to the overall average of 8.0 %. This series had actually the potential to reap double-digit viewership until Witch Court came in.

6. 20th Century Boy and Girl suffers more from very low viewership. This MBC romantic comedy obtained a 1.8 % nationwide audience share on November 20, thus becoming the second free-to-air Kdrama this year to record a rating less than 2 % (next to Manhole: Feel So Good.

Weekly Ranking

This ranking of ongoing dramas (excluding weekend series from KBS2, MBC, and SBS) is based on the average nationwide ratings of the dramas’ episodes that aired until November 26, 2017.

Free-to-Air Dramas (dramas from KBS, MBC, and SBS)
  1. Witch’s Court – 10.2 %
  2. Temperature of Love – 8.0 %
  3. Nothing To Lose – 7.4 %
  4. Mad Dog – 6.3 %
  5. 20th Century Boy and Girl – 3.1 %
Cable Dramas (dramas from JTBC, OCN, and tvN)
  1. Prison Playbook – 5.010 %
  2. Because This Is My First Life – 3.379 %
  3. Black – 3.331 %
  4. Revolutionary Love – 2.918 %
  5. Untouchable – 2.808 %


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