Korean Drama Rating from December 4 to 10, 2017

Weekend drama My Golden Life made a record-breaking achievement, hitting over 40 % in viewership ratings and becoming the first series to have done so in the last 35 months (=roughly 3 years). Meanwhile, fantasy romance Black Knight dominated the Wed-Thu slot and topped the weekly ranking among free-to-air shows while sci-fi rom-com I’m Not A Robot recorded the lowest rating last week, at 3.0 %.

Korean Drama Rating from December 4 to 10, 2017. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
December 4KBS2Jugglers1/165.6
December 4MBCTwo Cops5/327.1
December 4MBCTwo Cops6/328.2
December 4SBSDoubtful Victory5/406.9
December 4SBSDoubtful Victory6/407.6
December 4tvNRude Miss Young-ae 161/162.752
December 5KBS2Jugglers2/167.0
December 5MBCTwo Cops7/326.3
December 5MBCTwo Cops8/327.3
December 5SBSDoubtful Victory7/406.6
December 5SBSDoubtful Victory8/407.5
December 5tvNRude Miss Young-ae 162/163.234
December 6KBS2Black Knight1/166.9
December 6MBCI'm Not A Robot1/324.1
December 6MBCI'm Not A Robot2/324.5
December 6SBSNothing to Lose9/326.6
December 6SBSNothing to Lose10/327.3
December 6tvNPrison Playbook5/165.612
December 7KBS2Black Knight2/169.3
December 7MBCI'm Not A Robot3/323.0
December 7MBCI'm Not A Robot4/323.1
December 7SBSNothing to Lose11/327.1
December 7SBSNothing to Lose12/328.2
December 7tvNPrison Playbook6/165.847
December 8JTBCUntouchable5/162.400
December 9JTBCUntouchable6/163.982
December 9KBS2My Golden Life29/5035.6
December 9MBCMoney Flower9/2411.2
December 9MBCMoney Flower10/2416.7
December 9SBSBravo My Life25/606.5
December 9SBSBravo My Life26/607.4
December 9SBSBravo My Life27/607.1
December 9SBSBravo My Life28/607.1
December 9OCNBlack17/183.085
December 9tvNThe Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World1/43.248
December 10KBS2My Golden Life30/5041.2
December 10MBCMan Who Sets The Table27/5010.7
December 10MBCMan Who Sets The Table28/5014.6
December 10OCNBlack18/184.181
December 10tvNThe Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World2/43.888

Korean Drama Rating Highlights

1. My Golden Life makes history by surpassing 40 %. KBS2’s hit weekend drama finally did it—recording a whopping 41.2 % in nationwide audience share! Weekend free-to-air dramas normally easily get over 20 % in ratings but getting more than 40 % is a massive feat no drama can just smoothly pull off (it took 30 episodes for My Golden Life). The last one to have made such a record is What Happens To My Family. And that was almost three years ago, which means My Golden Life just made a record-breaking achievement in South Korea’s television entertainment industry.

2. Black Knight dominates Wed-Thu slot right off the bat, I’m Not A Robot suffers from 3 %. Two new dramas started last week for the mid-week slot (Wednesday & Thursday) and it’s KBS2’s Black Knight that made quite a leap in numbers and beat everything else. It gained 6.9 % during its pilot run, beating I’m Not A Robot‘s 4.1 % and Nothing To Lose‘s 6.6 %. The following day it managed to widen the gap in ratings by pulling in 9.3 % and caused I’m Not A Robot to suffer a drop to 3.0 %. Nothing To Lose also recorded an increase but it is way lower than Black Knight‘s.

3. Prison Playbook sees gradual increase in ratings every episode. The fact that this drama’s viewership remains within the 5-6 % range is already a great development, but when the numbers actually increase bit by bit to make a new peak record every episode, that is absolutely something far better. This prison drama is poised to break 6 % anytime soon as it already hit a peak rating of 5.847 % last week, so if something doesn’t go wrong in the middle, PD Shin Won-ho is surely on the way to solidifying his status as one of Korea’s most revered drama directors.

4. Jugglers starts off broadcast with 5.6 %, rivals see drop in ratings. It is a modest number which increased to 7.0 % in the next episode, implying that the newest Mon-Tue drama from KBS2 is off to a good start somehow. That’s quite a good improvement actually as it competed with Two Cops‘ 7.3 % and Doubtful Victory‘s 7.5 % just fine. Its two rivals both suffered a slight decrease in ratings, so one can expect the competition among these shows to heat up in the following weeks unless Jugglers loses its momentum. This development is interesting—a workplace rom-com is working around the might of two mistaken-identity police dramas.

5. Untouchable nears 4 % mark. JTBC’s action thriller has achieved 3.982 % last week and renewed its highest rating, giving the cable network some hope that it can quickly recover from the disappointing low viewership of The Package. The series has still a long way to go though; it must really gain 4 % or better in the next weeks to come to increase its average ratings to over 3 % and overshadow The Package‘s 1.8 %.

6. The Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World off to a good start with over 3 %. The latest drama from the writer (Noh Hee-kyung) of 2016 Baeksang Arts Awards’ Best Drama (Dear My Friendspremiered last Saturday with 3.248 % which increased to 3.888 % in the second episode. It may not surpass 4 % given that it is only four episodes long but figures higher than 3 % are already good enough for cable shows.

7. Rude Miss Young-ae kicks off 16th season with 2.752 %. This is an impressive pilot episode rating that even exceeds the 15th season’s 2.5 %. Many international viewers might have no idea what this drama is all about, but it has built a loyal viewer base in Korea—which is probably how the franchise managed to have been renewed for a new season on its 10th year. It’s the oldest multi-season Kdrama that features the same lead and a similar plot.

8. Black concludes broadcast with 4.181 %. Black finished its 9-week run with a decent figure and a satisfying average rating of 3.323 %, thus continuing cable network OCN’s success in drama viewership this year.

Weekly Ranking

This ranking of ongoing dramas (excluding weekend series from KBS2, MBC, and SBS) is based on the average nationwide ratings of the dramas’ episodes that aired until December 10, 2017.

Free-to-Air Dramas (dramas from KBS, MBC, and SBS)
  1. Black Knight – 8.1 %
  2. Nothing To Lose – 7.1 %
  3. Jugglers – 6.2 %
  4. Doubtful Victory – 5.9 %
  5. Two Cops – 5.7 %
  6. I’m Not A Robot – 3.7 %
Cable Dramas (dramas from JTBC, OCN, and tvN)
  1. Prison Playbook – 5.274 %
  2. The Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World – 3.568 %
  3. Black – 3.323 %
  4. Rude Miss Young-ae 16 – 2.9452 %
  5. Untouchable – 2.9447 %


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