Korean Drama Rating from December 11 to 24, 2017

Two tvN dramas are leading these weeks’ highlights because of their record-breaking gains. As Prison Playbook continues to climb the ladder of success with over-7-% viewership, brand new drama Hwayugi has become a hit right off the bat—with ratings that just put its name on the top of the list of the highest-rated cable drama premieres in 2017. 

Korean Drama Rating from December 11 to 24, 2017. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
December 11JTBCJust Between Lovers1/162.409
December 11KBS2Jugglers3/166.8
December 11MBCTwo Cops9/327.1
December 11MBCTwo Cops10/328.1
December 11SBSDoubtful Victory9/406.4
December 11SBSDoubtful Victory10/407.8
December 11tvNRude Miss Young-ae 163/162.354
December 12JTBCJust Between Lovers2/161.900
December 12KBS2Jugglers4/168.0
December 12MBCTwo Cops11/326.0
December 12MBCTwo Cops12/327.0
December 12SBSDoubtful Victory11/406.6
December 12SBSDoubtful Victory12/407.7
December 12tvNRude Miss Young-ae 164/162.500
December 13KBS2Black Knight3/167.9
December 13MBCI'm Not A Robot5/322.8
December 13MBCI'm Not A Robot6/323.1
December 13SBSNothing to Lose13/326.4
December 13SBSNothing to Lose14/327.9
December 13tvNPrison Playbook7/166.388
December 14KBS2Black Knight4/169.1
December 14MBCI'm Not A Robot7/322.9
December 14MBCI'm Not A Robot8/323.4
December 14SBSNothing to Lose15/326.6
December 14SBSNothing to Lose16/328.1
December 14tvNPrison Playbook8/166.774
December 15JTBCUntouchable7/162.564
December 16JTBCUntouchable8/163.373
December 16KBS2My Golden Life31/5035.7
December 16MBCMoney Flower11/2411.7
December 16MBCMoney Flower12/2417.2
December 16SBSBravo My Life29/606.6
December 16SBSBravo My Life30/607.1
December 16SBSBravo My Life31/606.9
December 16SBSBravo My Life32/607.0
December 16OCNBad Guys: City of Evil1/162.598
December 16tvNThe Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World3/43.346
December 17KBS2My Golden Life32/5040.7
December 17MBCMan Who Sets The Table29/5012.3
December 17MBCMan Who Sets The Table30/5014.3
December 17OCNBad Guys: City of Evil2/164.195
December 17tvNThe Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World4/46.176
December 18JTBCJust Between Lovers3/161.936
December 18KBS2Jugglers5/166.4
December 18MBCTwo Cops13/326.3
December 18MBCTwo Cops14/327.4
December 18SBSDoubtful Victory13/406.6
December 18SBSDoubtful Victory14/407.3
December 18tvNRude Miss Young-ae 165/162.152
December 19JTBCJust Between Lovers4/162.061
December 19KBS2Jugglers6/169.1
December 19MBCTwo Cops15/325.1
December 19MBCTwo Cops16/326.1
December 19SBSDoubtful Victory15/406.7
December 19SBSDoubtful Victory16/407.6
December 19tvNRude Miss Young-ae 166/163.021
December 20KBS2Black Knight5/1610.4
December 20MBCI'm Not A Robot9/322.6
December 20MBCI'm Not A Robot10/323.3
December 20SBSNothing to Lose17/326.8
December 20SBSNothing to Lose18/327.4
December 20tvNPrison Playbook9/167.313
December 21KBS2Black Knight6/1611.1
December 21MBCI'm Not A Robot11/322.6
December 21MBCI'm Not A Robot12/323.2
December 21SBSNothing to Lose19/325.8
December 21SBSNothing to Lose20/327.1
December 21tvNPrison Playbook10/167.910
December 22JTBCUntouchable9/163.043
December 23JTBCUntouchable10/162.785
December 23KBS2My Golden Life33/5034.7
December 23MBCMoney Flower13/2412.1
December 23MBCMoney Flower14/2416.5
December 23SBSBravo My Life33/606.1
December 23SBSBravo My Life34/606.4
December 23SBSBravo My Life35/606.0
December 23SBSBravo My Life36/606.9
December 23OCNBad Guys: City of Evil3/162.980
December 23tvNHwayugi1/165.290
December 24KBS2My Golden Life34/5037.8
December 24MBCMan Who Sets The Table31/5010.1
December 24MBCMan Who Sets The Table32/5014.2
December 24OCNBad Guys: City of Evil4/163.966
December 24tvNHwayugi2/164.849

Korean Drama Rating Highlights

1. Prison Playbook continues to enjoy increase in ratings. This drama is going nowhere but up, renewing its peak rating for the seventh time in a row last week. It finally broke the 6 %-mark four weeks into its broadcast and kicked off the second half of its run with a remarkable 7.9 %! At this rate, it is not impossible for the series to go beyond 10 % and surpassed the record made by Woman of Dignity

2. Hwayugi starts off broadcast with record-breaking 5.3 %. It is 5.290 % to be exact, which makes this newest tvN drama (also known as A Korean Odyssey) the cable series in 2017 that premiered with the highest television rating (breaking the previous record made by Prison Playbook). In other words, a lot of viewers did really care to watch the show—perhaps partly due to the fact that it is Le Seung-gi’s first TV project since his discharge from the military service that caused his almost two-year absence in the industry since 2016.

3. Black Knight achieves double-digit viewership. This fantasy romance drama from KBS2 just joined the very few shows this year which surpassed 10 % in viewership. It recorded 10.4 % and 11.1 % for its fifth and sixth episode, respectively. These days, double-digit viewership is truly hard to attain, so this achievement is by no means a small one.

4. Bad Guys: City of Evil pulls in over 4 % in first week. The newest crime thriller from OCN posted 2.6 % viewership during the first episode and managed to achieve 4.2 % the following day. The third and fourth episodes saw a decrease but the numbers remain decent, making the average rating so far higher than 3 %.

5. Competition among Mon-Tue dramas stays tight. The three dramas—Jugglers, Two Cops, and Doubtful Victory—from the big TV networks have been posting similar viewership ranging on average between 6 % and 7 %. This means no single drama beats the other two by a significantly large margin, unlike in the mid-week slot where Black Knight clearly rules the game.

6. Just Between Lovers premieres with 2.4 %. JTBC’s first-ever Mon-Tue drama premiered with a modest record which decreased to 1.9 % in the second episode. The following episodes saw only a slight improvement, so it remains to be seen if the drama can pull off a successful broadcast at the end.

7. Nothing To Lose, I’m Not A Robot records lowest rating amid Black Knight‘s continuing dominance. While Black Knight made a record last week, its rivals hit their lowest viewership. Nothing To Lose posted 5.8 % which is considerably lower than its average rating of 7.1 %. Meanwhile, I’m Not A Robot recorded 2.6 % and has been struggling to surpass 3.5 %. This is inevitable given that Prison Playbook also airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Weekly Ranking

This ranking of ongoing dramas (excluding weekend series from KBS2, MBC, and SBS) is based on the average nationwide ratings of the dramas’ episodes that aired until December 24, 2017.

Free-to-Air Dramas (dramas from KBS, MBC, and SBS)
  1. Black Knight – 9.1 %
  2. Nothing To Lose – 7.1 %
  3. Jugglers – 7.0 %
  4. Doubtful Victory – 6.3 %
  5. Two Cops – 6.2 %
  6. I’m Not A Robot – 3.2 %
Cable Dramas (dramas from JTBC, OCN, and tvN)
  1. Prison Playbook – 6.003 %
  2. Hwayugi – 5.070 %
  3. Bad Guys: City of Evil – 3.435 %
  4. Untouchable – 2.943 %
  5. Rude Miss Young-ae 16 – 2.781 %
  6. Just Between Lovers – 2.026 %


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