Korean Drama Rating from August 14 to 20, 2017

Note: We made some changes in our Weekly Ratings Update articles. Please have a look at the outline below. Just like before, all data presented on this and the succeeding, related articles are based on nationwide viewership ratings from Nielsen Korea.

  1. Introduction
  2. Rating Summary (table) – contains the ratings of all included ongoing dramas during a specific week
  3. Highlights – lists the most notable changes in ratings
  4. Weekly Ranking – ranks the dramas based on their average nationwide ratings
  5. Charts – shows the plot of episode rating versus episode number for each drama.

We have seen some very shocking developments in ratings last week. You must have heard already how Manhole: Feel So Good suffered a blow to its ratings or how Woman of Dignity managed to rewrite JTBC’s history. And while the Wednesday-Thursday and weekend slots were seeing these changes, there’s not much going on in the Monday-Tuesday slot in which SBS’s Falsify continues to hold the lead with double-digit ratings.

Korean Drama Rating from August 14 to 20, 2017. All rating values are based on nationwide viewership data from Nielsen Korea.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No. (/total)Rating
Aug 14KBSSchool 20179/164.4
Aug 14MBCThe King Loves17/406.5
Aug 14MBCThe King Loves18/406.6
Aug 14SBSFalsify13/329.9
Aug 14SBSFalsify14/3211.4
Aug 14tvNBride of the Water God13/162.635
Aug 15KBSSchool 201710/164.4
Aug 15MBCThe King Loves19/406.5
Aug 15MBCThe King Loves20/407.4
Aug 15SBSFalsify15/3210.6
Aug 15SBSFalsify16/3212.2
Aug 15tvNBride of the Water God14/162.896
Aug 16KBSManhole: Feel So Good3/162.2
Aug 16MBCMan Who Dies To Live17/2410.7
Aug 16MBCMan Who Dies To Live18/2412.8
Aug 16SBSReunited Worlds17/326.4
Aug 16SBSReunited Worlds18/326.8
Aug 16tvNCriminal Minds7/162.544
Aug 17KBSManhole: Feel So Good4/162
Aug 17MBCMan Who Dies To Live19/2411.4
Aug 17MBCMan Who Dies To Live20/2413.5
Aug 17SBSReunited Worlds19/326.7
Aug 17SBSReunited Worlds20/327.5
Aug 17tvNCriminal Minds8/163.156
Aug 18KBSStrongest Deliveryman5/164.6
Aug 18JTBCWoman of Dignity19/209.694
Aug 19KBSStrongest Deliveryman6/166.3
Aug 19JTBCWoman of Dignity20/2012.065
Aug 19OCNSave Me5/161.779
Aug 19tvNLive Up To Your Name3/164.541
Aug 20OCNSave Me6/162.275
Aug 20tvNLive Up To Your Name4/165.998

Korean Drama Rating Highlights

1. Woman of Dignity becomes highest-rated JTBC drama. When I first heard about this series, I thought this is gonna end up a flop considering the not-so-interesting storyline and relatively old actresses headlining the show. But man, I was so wrong. Woman of Dignity hit the headlines when it ended its 10-week run on August 19 with an insanely high rating of 12.065 %, breaking the peak rating of Childress Comfort (10.715 %)  and becoming the highest-rated JTBC drama in terms of peak ratings. Not just that, the drama now holds the record of having the highest-rated series episode among 2017 cable dramas that have been aired completely, surpassing the 9.668 %-record of hit Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Amazing, isn’t it? Still, in terms of average ratings, Strong Woman‘s 7.649 % beats Woman of Dignity‘s 6.594 %.

2. Manhole: Feel So Good records lowest rating in 2017. Woman of Dignity is not the only one surpassing the record of another because Manhole is doing the same albeit in a completely negative context. The latest time-slip rom-com from KBS hit 2.0 % in ratings for its fourth episode, the lowest ever among free-to-air dramas that have aired since January this year. The third episode got 2.2 %, breaking the record of another time-slip drama from the network (The Best Hit) that posted 2.3 %. Manhole‘s ratings have been dropping since its premiere which barely passed 3.0 % and if this trend continues, the drama will likely record a rating lower than 2 % this week. Luckily, its competitor Man Who Dies To Live will end this Thursday, so it might recover right after this week if some viewers choose to check it by then. But then, I used the word ‘might’ because the upcoming Hospital Ship might prevent it from improving its ratings, the lowest of which to date is even below the lowest free-to-air drama episode rating in 2016—Moorim School‘s and Come Back Ahjussi‘s 2.6 %.

3. Live Up To Your Name doubles its first episode rating. It seems like tvN is making a comeback after suffering from a slump in ratings recently, thanks to the change in schedule from Friday-Saturday to Saturday-Sunday. This fantasy medical romantic comedy with a touch of sageuk (I know, the combination is too much) has more than doubled its first episode rating of 2.715 % in the fourth episode that aired last night, achieving 5.998 % (essentially equal to 6 %) in ratings. Wow, Live Up To Your Name is one of the only two dramas so far this year that managed to pull off over 5 % within their first two weeks of airing, the other one being Voice which recorded 5.406 % for its third episode. That being said, Live Up To Your Name is very impressive, all the more when it is compared to the recent hit Secret Forest which managed to achieve 5 % only in its sixth week. 

4. Save Me breaks through 2 %. The cult drama from OCN deserves a highlight in this rating update as it finally surpassed 2.0 % in viewer ratings, doubling its premiere record of 1.059 % to 2.275 % in its sixth episode. On average the drama is gaining 0.2 percentage point every after episode, so if this upward trend continues, OCN is back on track again after losing the momentum it started in Voice and Tunnel when Duel did not perform well in ratings.

5. Man Who Dies To Live breaks own record again. MBC’s 24-episode family drama continues to dominate the competition on Wednesdays and Thursdays as it surpassed its own record anew, pulling off 13.5 % in its 20th episode and consequently causing Manhole: Feel So Good to suffer. Man Who Dies To Live is likely to make another record during its final week and can even break through the 15 % mark.

6. Bride of the Water God drops to its lowest rating. The 13th episode of this fantasy drama from tvN posted 2.635 % in ratings, its lowest since it premiered on July 3. This is a bad development considering that the drama has only two episodes left. But then, perhaps if not for Nam Joo-hyuk, Bride of the Water God could have long been a rating flop given how it failed the sky-high expectations of the fans.

Weekly Ranking

This ranking of ongoing dramas is based on the average nationwide ratings of the dramas’ episodes that aired until August 20, 2017.

Free-to-Air Dramas (dramas from KBS, MBC, and SBS)
  1. Falsify – 11.2 %
  2. Man Who Dies To Live – 9.9 %
  3. Reunited Worlds – 6.9 %
  4. The King Loves – 6.6 %
  5. Strongest Deliveryman – 5.1 %
  6. School 2017 – 4.5 %
  7. Manhole: Feel So Good – 2.5 %
Cable Dramas (dramas from JTBC, OCN, and tvN)
  1. Woman of Dignity – 6.594 %
  2. Live Up To Your Name – 4.312 %
  3. Bride of the Water God – 3.173 %
  4. Criminal Minds – 3.122 %
  5. Save Me – 1.638 %


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