Koo Hye-sun to make acting comeback in self-written, self-directed film

Following the finalization of her controversial divorce last year, actress Koo Hye-sun is ready to make her acting comeback with a movie that she, herself, will be directing and writing.

Koo’s agency Mimi Entertainment said on May 17, “Koo Hye-sun will be acting in, writing, and directing the movie Dark Yellow, which is scheduled to start production in June.”

Dark Yellow is a horror melodrama that will follow a strange man who becomes interested in a woman working in a yellow flower shop and starts invading her private space. It will be produced by Koo’s own company, Koo Hye-sun Film. The synopsis, which was previously revealed in the actress’ Instagram post, aims to highlight women’s fears in terms of “power” in a physical concept.

The film will be crowdfunded through the domestic platform Wadiz, where the production process will be publicly shared. The film’s supporters will get a chance to receive merchandise and other products from this process and will even get to attend the film screening if selected.

This is not the first time that the actress has directed and written a project, as she has extensive experience in the industry of the art. Dark Yellow will also mark Koo’s acting comeback in four years, following her role in producing director (PD) Jeong Yoon-cheol’s short film Father’s Sword in 2017.

Koo shared, “I hope this project, produced in partnership with Wadiz, will be a chance for us to communicate with fans, supporters, and audiences.”

The project funding for Koo Hye-sun’s Dark Yellow is scheduled to begin on May 17, for the advance funding, while its campaign will happen from May 31 to June 30.

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