‘Kingdom Season 2’ drops suspense-filled second teaser

Upcoming Korean Netflix original series Kingdom Season 2 has dropped a new teaser in the run-up to its premiere next month.

A zombie thriller set in Joseon, Kingdom stars Ju Ji-hoon (Item) as Crown Prince Lee Chang who takes it upon himself to investigate a mysterious epidemic that has infected his father, the King. He discovers later that the problem is not a typical disease as it turns dead people into monsters that feed on human flesh. The second season of the critically acclaimed series tells how the prince will fight not only the zombies but also his living enemies like chief minister Jo Hak-joo (Ryu Seung-ryong) and the Queen (Kim Hye-jun) who want to take over the crown from him.

Kingdom Season 2 Poster
Promotional poster for Kingdom Season 2

Bae Doo-na, Kim Sang-ho, and Kim Sung-kyu join Ju Ji-hoon as his aides, playing medical assistant Seo-bi, his bodyguard Moo-young, and a man skilled in martial arts, respectively.

The one-and-a-half minute teaser begins with hordes of zombies descending upon Sangju, where the crown prince and his aides are seeking refuge. Mayhem ensues, and Seo-bi explains how humans turn into beasts and chase the smell of blood and flesh. Prince Chang vows to protect Sangju while evading capture from the men of Minister Jo and challenging the Queen’s takeover of the throne.

Minister Jo makes a surprising announcement—that there is someone else who has mortally sinned and deserves a death punishment. As Prince Chang takes on the zombies and the Queen, the following words flash on the screen one by one: “Fight the living. Survive the dead.” The teaser ends with Prince Chang and his men wondering how the zombies are now out in the sun.

Kingdom Season 2 will be available for streaming worldwide on March 13.

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