‘Kingdom’ season 2 confirms premiere date, unveils main poster, teaser

After a long wait of over a year, season 2 of Netflix’s Korean original series Kingdom has confirmed its premiere date!

Netflix announced on February 6 that the highly-anticipated Kingdom Season 2 will be released simultaneously in more than 190 countries around the world on March 13. It also unveiled the main poster and a motion art teaser for the drama.

The suspenseful series follows crown prince Lee Chang, played by Ju Ji-hoon (Item), in the aftermath of a zombie outbreak. In the first season, the crown prince was on a quest to investigate a mysterious disease that has made his father, the King, very sick. The epidemic turns out to be a zombie plague that has turned the citizens of his nation into terrifying monsters that feed on human flesh. In season 2, the crown prince will fight the undead while also dealing with a political conspiracy that seeks to oust him from the throne.

The main poster of the drama features the three leads—Ju Ji-hoon as the crown prince, Bae Doo-na as a nurse who first witnessed the zombie outbreak, and Ryu Seung-ryong as the Queen’s father and senior minister who wants to take control of the monarchy. Also shown in the background, from left to right, are supporting actors Park Byung-eun (Arthdal Chronicles), Kim Sang-ho (Nokdu Flower), Kim Sung-kyu, Jun Seok-ho (Class Of Lies), and Kim Hye-jun. New cast member Park Byung-eun takes on the role of Min Chi-rok, who investigates a suspicious murder in Hanyang.

The main characters are standing on a rooftop, looking terrified and anxious. Behind them, the outline of a devastated land can be seen, with fire and smoke rising up. This brings back the last scene from season 1, with an army of zombies descending on the area where many people are hiding. The text on the poster asks the ominous question, “Who will make it out alive?”

Kingdom Season 2 Poster

Meanwhile, the motion art teaser for the series also depicts the main characters cornered and stuck on the rooftop as hordes of zombies surround them. The camera zooms on the face of each of the characters as they try to rack their brains for a plan to save their lives. Eventually, a zombie can be seen climbing over the roof, which forces Ju Ji-hoon to draw his sword and prepare for a bloody battle.

Kingdom Season 2 is still directed by Kim Sung-hoon and penned by Kim Eun-hee, who wrote the first season and the original webtoon the series was based on.

The first season of Kingdom was released on January 25, 2019.

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