Kim Young-dae leaves ‘School 2021’, in talks to join tvN drama with Lee Sung-kyung

Penthouse star Kim Young-dae has dropped out of the upcoming KBS2 drama School 2021.

In May, Kim Young-dae was confirmed as a lead star of the eighth installment of KBS’s popular School series. However, his agency Outer Korea revealed that the actor has now decided to leave the drama. According to industry sources, Kim felt during the course of script reading sessions that the character was different from the role originally offered to him.

School 2021 will chronicle the dreams and friendships of youth who choose a different path in life than appearing in the college entrance exams. Post Kim’s departure, School 2021 will now search for a new lead actor to join the remaining leading cast—WEi’s Kim Yo-han (A Love So Beautiful), Jo Yi-hyun (Hospital Playlist 2), and Hwang Bo-reum-byeol (Can I Step In?). It will be directed by Kim Min-tae (The Witch at Court, Cheat on Me If You Can) and is set to air in the latter half of the year.

In another update, Kim’s agency revealed that he has received another offer, this time, to star in the upcoming tvN drama Shooting Star (literal title), for which Lee Sung-kyung (Dr. Romantic 2) is also being courted.

Shooting Star will be set in the behind-the-scenes world of the entertainment industry. It will focus on people like managers, PR teams, and reporters, who work hard away from the limelight to make stars shine brighter. The show will be directed by Lee Soo-hyun, who has worked on Find Me in Your Memory (2020), Awaken (2020–2021), and The Witch’s Diner (2021). The script has been penned by Choi Young-woo.

Kim Young-dae has been offered the role of Gong Tae-sung, an A-list star who is known for filming a legendary drama scene. Despite being popular, Gong Tae-sung has managed to evade gossip and scandals during his decade-long career. He is described as luminous with a strong aura and polite exterior, behind which he hides an unexpected personality.

Kim Young-dae is currently appearing in SBS’s Penthouse 3.

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