Kim Young-dae courted to star alongside Seo Hyun-jin in ‘Why Oh Soo-jae?’

Actor Kim Young-dae is being courted to join SBS’s new romance drama Why Oh Soo-jae?

The news first circulated on April 2, with media reports saying that the actor has been cast as the male lead for an upcoming SBS drama. Kim’s agency Outer Korea was quick to respond and clarified that the actor has indeed received a proposal to appear in the SBS drama Why Oh Soo-jae? but that they are still discussing the offer with the actor.

The drama will tell the love story between a law school professor and a student. Black Dog (2019–2020) star Seo Hyun-jin has been confirmed to play the lead female protagonist Oh Soo-jae back in December, but the male lead, who is a “relatively younger man,” was still a secret, according to Studio S CEO Han Jung-hwan.

Kim Young-dae was last seen in the hit makjang drama (drama with exaggerated elements) Penthouse 2. He rose to fame with his roles in dramas such as Extraordinary You (2019), When the Weather Is Fine (2020), Cheat on Me If You Can (2020–2021), and Penthouse (2020–2021). Should he accept the offer, this will be his first ever male lead role in a drama.

Why Oh Soo-jae? will be helmed by Park Soo-jin of Doctors (2016) and Dr. Romantic (2016–2017). The upcoming series will thus serve as PD Park and Seo Hyun-jin’s reunion project because the actress starred in the latter drama. It will be penned by Lie After Lie (2020) screenwriter Kim Ji-eun.

The drama is scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of the year.

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