Kim Young-dae courted to join Kim Yo-han in ‘School 2021’

KBS2’s School series is back for its eight season, and actor Kim Young-dae is reportedly in discussions to be part of the cast.

On February 15, an official from Kim Young-dae’s agency announced, “Kim Young-dae was proposed to appear in KBS2’s new drama School 2021, which he is currently considering.” Last year, WEi’s Kim Yo-han (A Love So Beautiful) accepted the casting proposal to play the main character Kim Tae-jin.

School 2021 is a KBS2 youth drama and is the eight installment of the TV franchise. The series revolves around the realistic issues that many of the South Korean youth face every day in the academic setting, including injustices inside the school, corrupt system, teen suicide, bullying, and many more. The franchise started with School 1 in 1999 and continued to produce three more seasons: School 2 (1999–2000), School 3, (2000–2001), and School 4 (2001–2002). The production then took a ten-year hiatus before resuming with the reboot School 2013 (2012). It also released Who Are You: School 2015 in 2015 and School 2017 in 2017, its latest season.

The series franchise is said to have launched the careers of then rookie stars, such as Lee Jong-suk (Romance Is a Bonus Book), Kim So-hyun (River Where the Moon Rises), Kim Se-jeong (The Uncanny Counter), Bae Doo-na (Stranger 2), Ha Ji-won (Chocolate), Lee Dong-wook (Tail of the Nine Tailed), Gong Yoo (Guardian: The Lonely and Great God), Kim Woo-bin (Uncontrollably Fond), Nam Joo-hyuk (Start-Up), Kim Jung-hyun (Mr. Queen), Jang Dong-yoon (Search), and more.

Kim Young-dae, who previously starred in SBS’s hit drama Penthouse (2020), is gearing up for the said drama’s second season. Meanwhile, School 2021 is slated to premiere in August.

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