Kim Tae-ri, Song Joong-ki are stylish in stills from upcoming film ‘Space Sweepers’

Upcoming sci-fi fantasy movie Space Sweepers has dropped exciting new stills of leads Kim Tae-ri (Little Forest) and Song Joong-ki (The Battleship Island).

Space Sweepers takes place in the year 2092 and revolves around the crew of a spaceship called The Victory, which collects junk. In the future, space is overflowing with deserted spaceships and discarded parts of satellites. The Victory and its crew travel through space, collecting junk to make money and in the process, also compete with other junk-collecting spaceships. They find a humanoid robot and weapon of destruction by the name of Dorothy and get involved in a dangerous business deal.

Kim Tae-ri plays the captain of the ship, Jang Sun-jang. She’s the youngest in the crew but is a formidable strategist. She used to belong to a group of notorious space pirates before becoming The Victory’s captain. She is also a master of wielding laser guns and dislikes injustice, leading her crew through tense situations with coolness and aplomb.


The actress is known for completely transforming herself for roles, be it her 2016 debut film The Handmaiden, 2017’s 1987: When the Day Comes, or the most recent, Little Forest in 2018. This time, too, Kim sports an all-new avatar in the stills for Space Sweepers—shoulder-length bob, stylish aviators, and leather jacket complete with laser guns and a space suit.

Meanwhile, Song Joong-ki will return to the big screen after three years with the role of Tae-ho—the pilot of the spaceship The Victory. Tae-ho used to be the UTS Task Force’s ace before he lost everything in an operation and decided to pilot The Victory for money.


Song is famous for his boyish charm from hit dramas like Arthdal Chronicles and Descendants of the Sun. In his newly released stills, he looks every bit the boyish but genius pilot Tae-ho. He looks more rough than stylish, sporting jackets and loose hoodies, but his expression betrays the focus and cleverness that makes him an ace pilot.

Space Sweepers has been written and directed by Jo Sung-hee, who also helmed Phantom Detective (2016) and previously worked with Song Joong-ki in A Werewolf Boy (2012). It is set for release on September 23.

You can check out the film’s teaser here.

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Song Joong-ki in a still from the Netflix Korean movie Space Sweepers
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