Kim Sung-cheol joins cast of SBS musical drama ‘Do You Like Brahms?’

Actor Kim Sung-cheol has been confirmed to join the cast of the upcoming SBS musical drama Do You Like Brahms?.

Do You Like Brahms? will follow the story of a group of talented students at a prestigious music university and their pursuit towards love, happiness, and passion for music. As they face the realities of life, the journey towards their dreams also becomes a struggle, and they must constantly face making hard decisions along the way.

Kim Sung-cheol will be playing Han Hyun-ho, who, like his name, has a bright, optimistic, and straightforward personality. He plays the cello, is passionate about his dreams, and is affectionate towards Lee Jung-kyung (Park Ji-hyun), whom he has met back in middle school.

Kim Sung-cheol, who is known for his notable portrayals of his past characters in Prison Playbook (2018), The Player (2018), The Wind Blows (2019), and Arthdal Chronicles (2019), will transform as a passionate instrumentalist in this musical drama. He will take on the challenging task of portraying his unusual character as a cellist and strengthen his acting skills. 

Kim has consistently satisfied viewers by giving his very best in every performance, and fans are already excited to see him come back armed with new charms. He recently made a cameo in Hospital Playlist, which aired last March.

More actors will be headlining the SBS music drama, as Park Eun-bin, Kim Min-jae, Lee Yoo-jin, and Park Ji-hyun have all confirmed their roles.

The first cast member to announce participation is Park Eun-bin, who confirmed her casting in March. She will be playing the role of Chae Song-ah, who is another unusual character but an interesting role. Chasing her passion of playing the violin, she applies once again to the prestigious university where she just graduated with a business degree, but this time, as a music student. There, she meets Park Joon-young (Kim Min-jae), who will be making significant changes in her life. Park Eun-bin last starred in Stove League (2020), which won the Baeksang Arts Award for Best Drama for TV this year.

Last April, Kim Min-jae also confirmed that he will be acting opposite Park Eun-bin as the male lead. His character, Park Joon-young, is a world famous and elite pianist who has been playing the piano ever since he was six years old. Discovering his talent for music, he has since then conquered Korea’s most prominent music competitions and even those in the international scenes. Taking a break, he returns to Korea and unexpectedly meets Chae Song-ah, who will be entering his world that he has solely offered to piano and music. Kim last appeared in Dr. Romantic 2 (2020).

Fan are already anticipating the main leads’ onscreen chemistry, as both actors have already established many successful projects in the past.

A few weeks before Kim Min-jae’s confirmation, Lee Yoo-jin and Park Ji-hyun also announced that they were joining the cast. Lee Yoo-jin will be taking on the role of Yoon Dong-yoon, Chae Song-ah’s violin teacher. He makes a living as a maker and repairer of string instruments. This will be his and Park Eun-bin’s second project together, as they already have worked together in JTBC’s Age of Youth 2 (2017). Lee last appeared in another JTBC series, Be Melodramatic (2019).

Meanwhile, Park Ji-hyun will be playing the talented violinist Lee Jung-kyung, who is a graduate from a prestigious university. Even as a child prodigy and third generation chaebol heiress, she chooses an ordinary life following the death of her mother. Park last appeared in the 2019 MBC historical drama Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung.

Do You Like Brahms? will be directed by Jo Young-min and written by Ryu Bo-ri. It is slated to air on August 31, taking over the SBS Monday and Tuesday time slot of Good Casting.

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