Kim Sun-ah courted for female-centric SBS drama ‘Secret Boutique’

Children of Nobody has just aired its finale today but Kim Sun-ah, the drama’s lead actress, is already in talks to headline a new Wednesday-Thursday series for SBS.

According to Kim’s agency, she is positively considering to play the lead role in Secret Boutique, a gynocentric drama which will deal with money, power, revenge, and survival. Her character in this new series is named Jenny Jang, owner of a store called J-Boutique.

Described as an elegant woman, Jenny Jang is a complex character with a business-minded, power-oriented and unique personality which helped her become a lobbyist and a shadow ruler involved in some secret activities. Her boutique may look like a normal store from the outside, but in reality it serves as the location of a law firm that solves cases involving the upper class.

Despite her apparently comfortable way of life at the present, Jenny’s journey to becoming the woman she is now is not easy. She grows up in an orphanage and is forced to live on her own at the age of 18 to avoid a teacher who molested her. She then secures work at a bath house in Gangnam where she runs errands for the housewives of families that reside in the area. Later, she gets chosen as a trusted employee for the daughter of a wealthy family that runs a company — an opportunity that leads her to enter the world of the upper class.

Kim Sun-ah’s three most recent dramas are Children of Nobody (also known as Red Moon Blue Sun), Should We Kiss First, and Woman of Dignity. She is best known for her titular role in the 2005 series My Lovely Sam Soon.

Secret Boutique will be directed by Park Hyung-ki who previously worked with Kim in the 2011 romantic series Scent of a Woman. It will be broadcast on SBS in July.

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