Kim Soo-hyun courted for upcoming Netflix adaptation of ‘American Psycho’

Kim Soo-hyun might star in a Netflix original series!

On November 6, several media outlets reported that Kim Soo-hyun is being courted for Finger, a Netflix remake of the American movie American Psycho (2000). Kim Soo-hyun’s agency Gold Medalist confirmed that the actor is indeed considering starring in the project and is reviewing the script. Kim was last seen in the healing romance drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay opposite Seo Ye-ji. It became one of Netflix’s most popular Asian dramas of 2020, with Kim garnering much praise for his role as a psychiatric aide and the brother of a man with autism.

Finger will be the first Netflix original series by director Jung Ji-woo, who is best known for his films Tune in For Love (2019) and A Muse (2012). Its source material American Psycho—both the novel and the movie—is a black comedy revolving around a wealthy investment banker in New York called Patrick Bateman, who lives a glamorous life with similarly wealthy friends and commits a series of horrific murders as violent urges take over him. The film is a satire about the evils of capitalism and the pretentiousness of high society. It enjoys a cult following among movie fans.

In the 2000 movie, Patrick Bateman was played by actor Christian Bale. If Kim Soo-hyun says “yes” to the drama, he will be playing the same sociopathic character with a perfect life but has multiple personalities that are all equally twisted and wounded. Instead of an investment banker, his character will be a famous architect and interior designer.

The script for Finger will be adapted by Han Ji-wan, who has written thrillers like The Ghost Detective (2018) and Wanted (2016). The drama is still in the process of finalizing its main cast and is expected to start shooting next spring.

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