Kim So-hyun suits up as warrior princess in new stills from ‘River Where the Moon Rises’

To tease anticipating viewers for its premiere, River Where the Moon Rises continues to unveil sneak peeks of its major characters.

The historical action series is a reimagined tale of the On Dal folklore and follows a princess who aspires to be Goguryeo’s first-ever woman king. On her journey to become a monarch, she meets the On Dal, whose great love for her becomes the princess’ strongest instrument towards her goal. 

The series stars Kim So-hyun as the brave Princess Pyeonggang; Ji Soo (When I Was the Most Beautiful) as the kind-hearted On Dal; Lee Ji-hoon (Dinner Mate) as the elite general Go Geon, who yearns for the affection of Princess Pyeonggang; and Choi Yu-hwa (My Dangerous Wife) as Hae Mo-yong, who has the ability to foresee the future and who has eyes only for General Go Geon. Baeksang 2020’s Best Actor awardee Kang Ha-neul (When the Camellia Blooms) has been added to the cast for a special appearance, playing On Dal’s father On Hyeop, a great warrior and respected leader of the Sunnobu region in Goguryeo.

Kim So-hyun in River Where the Moon Rises

On January 18, the production released the images showing Kim So-hyun’s transformation into Princess Pyeonggang, a Goguryeo princess who was born into royalty but was raised as a warrior. Clad in armor and showing a powerful look, Kim So-hyun dazzles with her overwhelming charisma and onscreen presence. In every photo, Pyeonggang exudes power and shows her status as a leader, bravely leading her soldiers in battle. As she fights alongside them, Pyeonggang looks more determined and fiercer than ever, standing her ground on the battlefield. As her face and hands get soaked with the blood from the enemy soldiers she has slain, Pyeonggang remains her composure and resolve, as if trying to prove her strength and capabilities to be the kingdom’s next protector.

Kim started in the industry as a child actress. She is known for her wide acting spectrum and has appeared in many popular dramas, including The Moon Embracing the Sun (2012), Who Are You: School 2015 (2015), and The Tale of Nokdu (2019). One of her recent works, Netflix’s Love Alarm (2019), will reportedly air its second season this year via the streaming giant.

Seeing Kim’s hard work in the filming set, the production crew could not help but praise the actress, saying, “Kim So-hyun [has] completely immersed [herself into] her character Pyeonggang with unrivaled passion and detailed preparation. She was able to effortlessly pull off many hard and large-scale action scenes without breaking a sweat, impressing every staff [member] on set.”

Furthermore, the team behind the drama also invited everyone to the premiere of their upcoming series, saying, “We hope you look forward to seeing actress Kim So-hyun on screen as she pours all her energy and passion into her acting, which perfectly mirrors her character Pyeonggang in every way.”

Directed by PD Yoon Sang-ho of Kingmaker: The Change of Destiny (2020) and penned by writer Han Ji-hoon of Woman of 9.9 Billion (2019–2020), River Where the Moon Rises (also The Moon Rising River) is set to air on KBS2 every Monday and Tuesday, starting on February 15 at 9:30 p.m. KST. It will take over the time slot of Royal Secret Agent.

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