Kim So-hyun-led historical drama ‘Mung Bean Chronicles’ announces supporting cast

KBS2’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama Mung Bean Chronicles has announced on Tuesday its supporting actors who are joining leads Kim So-hyun, Jang Dong-yoon, and Kang Tae-oh.

Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, Mung Bean Chronicles is a historical romantic comedy that tells the story of Jeon Neok-du, a young man who refuses to get married and just wants to pursue his ambition.

Jang Dong-yoon (Dance Sports Girls) plays the main character while Kim So-hyun (Love Alarm) plays his love interest named Dong Dong-joo, a trainee gisaeng whom he meets when he sneaks into an all-female village dressed up as a woman. Dong-joo is a hot-tempered trainee gisaeng who has no talent in music but excels in making “anything using the right tools.”

Kang Tae-oh (My First First Love), meanwhile, takes on the role of Cha Yul-moo, a “sexy man” who enjoys a leisurely life.

The supporting cast of the drama includes Jung Joon-ho, Kim Tae-woo, Lee Seung-joon, Yoon Yoo-sun, Song Geon-hee, Jo Soo-hyang, Lee Moon-sik. Jung Joon-ho (Sky Castle) will be seen in the series as King Gwanghae of Joseon, Kim Tae-woo (Different Dreams) as the King’s friend and most trusted subject, and Lee Seung-joon as Neok-du’s father who holds firm beliefs.

Yoon Yoo-sun (Abyss) will be seen as a woman who gathers intelligence from all over the country, Song Geon-hee (Love Alarm) as Neok-du’s elder brother, and Jo Soo-hyang (Something In The Rain) as a widow who secretly works as a skilled warrior at night.

Supporting cast members of Mung Bean Chronicles. Clockwise from top left: Jung Joon-ho, Song Geon-hee, Jo Soo-hyang, Lee Moon-sik, Yoon Yoo-sun, Lee Seung-joon, and Kim Tae-woo.

Also joining the cast are Yang So-min, Han Ga-rim, Song Chae-yoon, Goh Kun-han, Yoon Sa-bong, Hwang Mi-young and Yoon Geum-sun.

Mung Bean Chronicles is directed by Kim Dong-hwi (Fight For My Way, The Merchant: Gaekju 2015) and written by Baek So-yeon and Lim Ye-jin (Love in the Moonlight, Who Are You: School 2015). It will premiere on September 30, following the ongoing drama I Wanna Hear Your Song.

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