Kim So-eun, Ji Hyun-woo’s romantic drama ‘Love Is Annoying, but I Hate Being Lonely’ drops new teasers

In preparation for its August premiere, MBC every1’s Love Is Annoying, but I Hate Being Lonely has released two fresh teasers for the upcoming romantic series, each of which features lead stars Kim So-eun (That Man Oh Soo) and Ji Hyun-woo (Love in Sadness).

Love Is Annoying, but I Hate Being Lonely tells a modern love story of Lee Na-eun (Kim So-eun), a freelance copy editor who dreams of becoming a novelist, and Cha Kang-woo (Ji Hyun-woo), a single man in his 30s who works as a psychiatrist. Na-eun and Kang-woo want to enjoy their freedom as they both do not like being burdened by all the responsibilities that come with dating, but deep inside, they are also afraid of getting lonely. Their common perspective on romantic relationships is put to the test, however, when they become housemates in a co-living house and begin going through the daily struggle of fighting off their feelings for one another.

The first teaser for the drama opens with Cha Kang-woo’s unpopular opinion on serious commitments. He says, “There is a saying that goes ‘You can fix things, but you can’t fix people.’” He utters these words while also in the act of repairing something on his desk. Kang-woo continues, “Somebody perfect for me? It is going to take forever to find her. There are too many other fun things the world can offer. To put it simply, dating is bothersome!”

As if trying hard to adhere to his own views, Kang-woo picks up his guitar and starts singing comically, “Dating is bothersome.” He keeps on repeating the made-up lyrics while he busies himself with all the little things that bring him happiness, including video games and toys. After belting the final note to his silly song, Lee Na-eun suddenly barges through the door while dragging behind a yellow suitcase. Kang-woo freezes in his tracks at the sight of her as his voice takes over the background, “Dating is annoying, but I hate being lonely.”

Love Is Annoying, but I Hate Being Lonely First Teaser

Meanwhile, the second teaser for the series presents the female protagonist Lee Na-eun. It opens with Na-eun provokingly lying in bed and wearing a shapely side-slit dress. Seconds later, Cha Kang-woo’s hand crawls on her waist, but as he tries to kiss her, So-eun puts on a dispassionate expression and voices out, “Bothersome.” She then shoves Kang-woo away with her shoulder and rises out of bed to leave him. The latter is left alone, bemused and half-naked. In the next scene, So-eun gets caught up in a normally romantic situation inside an elevator with Kang Hyun-jin (Park Geon-il, One Fine Week), but when he attempts to make a move on her, Na-eun blankly says, “Bothersome,” then leaves. On her way out, she slips and perfectly falls into the arms of Jung Hoon (Gongchan, To My Name web drama) but rather than thanking him, she coldly remarks, “Bothersome,” instead. The 30-second promo video ends with all the mentioned cast gathered inside the bedroom. Then, with a snap of Na-eun’s fingers, the three guys turn into specks of dust and get blown away as she declares, “Love is annoying, but I hate being lonely.”

Love Is Annoying, but I Hate Being Lonely Second Teaser

Helmed by PD Lee Hyun-joo (Imaginary Cat, 2015–2016) and penned by screenwriter Jo Jin-kuk (Fated to Love You, 2014), Love Is Annoying, but I Hate Being Lonely is scheduled to air every Tuesday at 10:50 p.m. KST beginning August 11.

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