Kim Seon-ho suits up as an investor in new stills from ‘Start-Up’

Upcoming tvN series Start-Up has released new stills featuring one of its lead actors, Kim Seon-ho.

The new series follows the stories of young entrepreneurs who are building their start-up companies in South Korea’s fictional Silicon Valley called Sandbox, in hopes of making their dream business come true. It stars Bae Suzy (Vagabond) as Seo Dal-mi, who wants to become the next Steve Jobs; Nam Joo-hyuk (The Light in Your Eyes) as Nam Do-san, the founder of struggling company Samsan Tech; Kim Seon-ho (Catch the Ghost) as Han Ji-pyung, the cold and frank senior team leader of SH Venture Capital; and Kang Han-na (Designated Survivor: 60 Days) as Won In-jae, a beautiful, educated, and rich CEO from an influential background who struggles to be recognized for her talent.

On September 21, Kim Seon-ho’s stills were unveiled, giving viewers and fans a sneak peek of what his character Han Ji-pyung is like. Because of his impressive investment skills and sharp tongue, Ji-pyung is called the “Gordan Ramsay of investments.” As the chief of a team, he does not hesitate to criticize his team members’ weaknesses and mistakes. In one still, he is shown, with his neatly styled hair and sleek business suit, inside the workplace as he stares at his computer screen and goes through important files.

As a young entrepreneur successful in his career, he is well-off and prides himself with owning a luxurious car and an apartment overlooking the Han River. In photo, he is shown with a professional look, leaning on his car with his arms crossed, showing his cold but sexy side as he waits for someone in the middle of the night. The image is causing excitement as Han Ji-pyung looks like he might be going on a date.

Despite his cold personality, he is warm and smiles to only one, specific person. In one of the stills, Ji-pyung can be seen lowering his cold façade and has on his warmest, boyish smile. He may be showing this expression to the person in front of him, to whom he owes a great favor. This is the complete opposite of his nature that he shows his co-workers. Anticipations are set on who this character might be and why Han Ji-pyung trusts and warms up to this person.

Kim Seon-ho, who is planning not only to expand his acting spectrum but also to change his style through this new character, said, “As my character Han Ji-pyung is a cold-hearted investor, I paid attention to my cold tone and expression to suit Han Ji-pyung’s personality, as well as expressing his financial status through different sleek and professional- looking business suits and fashion items.”

Start-Up is set to hit the small screen on October 17 at 9 p.m. KST. The production is helmed by director Oh Choong-hwan and penned by screenwriter Park Hye-run, who have previously collaborated together with Bae Suzy back in 2017 for the fantasy legal series While You Were Sleeping.

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