Kim Se-jeong courted to lead Korean remake of Japanese hit drama

After the success of her recent drama The Uncanny Counter (2020–2021), Kim Se-jeong is in talks to return to the small screen to star in another promising project.

On April 5, an official from the drama bureau told the media, “Kim Se-jeong will take on the [role of the] main character of the SBS drama Today’s Webtoon.” In response, an official from Kim Se-jeong’s management Jellyfish Entertainment clarified that “Kim Se-jeong has been proposed the role of the main character in SBS’s new drama Today’s Webtoon, and she is currently reviewing it.”

Today’s Webtoon is based on the 2016 Japanese hit drama Sleepeeer Hit, which gained huge popularity in the country. The story follows a woman who got a job in the webtoon editorial department and struggles with her colleagues to grow into a true webtoon editor. Kim has been offered the role of the protagonist On Ma-eum, a new contract employee in the webtoon editorial department who got the position after beating all the other applicants for the job. She has a keen sense of smell, cauliflower ears (a deformity caused by blunt trauma, typical in fighting sports such as judo), and is a big eater. Originally a standing member for the judo national team, Ma-eum had to quit her judo career after an unfortunate match tore her ankle ligament. After delivering a meal to the webtoon editorial department by accident, she begins to dream again and thus starts her journey to become a webtoon editor.

SBS has been confirmed as Today’s Webtoon‘s broadcasting network. It will be penned by writer Cho Hyun-joo. The remake is scheduled to air in the second half of this year.

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