Kim Sang-kyung joins Oh Na-ra in upcoming sports-themed drama ‘Racket Boys’

Acting stars Kim Sang-kyung and Oh Na-ra are officially confirmed for SBS’s new sports-themed drama Racket Boys.

Set against the background of a tight-knit rural village, Racket Boys follows 16-year-old middle school boys and girls as they pursue their dreams in the competitive world of badminton.

Kim Sang-kyung has signed up to play Yoon Hyun-jong, a friendly badminton coach who was once a celebrated national player. Now, he has become in charge of Haenam Seo Middle School’s badminton team. While it is on the verge of getting dissolved, Coach Yoon and the kids must prepare like never before for a shot at the junior athletic competition.

Kim previously wowed viewers through his roles in the television dramas What Happens to My Family? (2014–2015), The Crowned Clown (2019), and Miss Lee (2019). In the upcoming series, the 48-year-old actor is expected to render yet another unforgettable portrayal.

Earlier, talented actress Oh Na-ra has confirmed her role as Ra Young-ja, a living legend in professional badminton. She currently coaches the team at Haenam Jeil Girls’ Middle School, which ranks first nationwide. Coach Ra is a charismatic woman and a powerful strategist who executes everything perfectly in and out of the court, including sports politics. However, she is also notorious for having a strong personality, making students in her school and from other schools afraid of her.

Best known for her sophisticated acting in SKY Castle (2018–2019), Woman of 9.9 Billion (2019–2020), and Chip In (2020), Oh’s refreshing transformation into a sports figure in Racket Boys is piquing the interest of anticipating viewers.

Production company Pan Entertainment said, “Kim Sang-kyung and Oh Na-ra are going to lead the drama with their irreplaceable presence, surrounded by fresh rookie actors. Please look forward to it.” Potentially acting alongside Kim and Oh are Tang Jun-sang (Crash Landing on You) and child star Kim Kang-hoon (Mouse).

Notably, broadcasting network SBS recently brought the sports-themed genre to a whole new level when its 2019–2020 series Hot Stove League received various recognitions from award-giving bodies, one of which is Best Drama at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards.

Racket Boys will be helmed by Jo Young-kwang of Heart Surgeons (2018) and is penned by Jung Bo-hoon of Prison Playbook (2017–2018).

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