Kim Sang-gyun, Lee Si-won, Yoo Gun cast in ‘Let Me Hear Your Song’

JBJ95’s Kim Sang-gyun, Lee Si-won, and Yoo Gun will join Kim Se-jong and Yeon Woo-jin in the new KBS2 drama, Let Me Hear Your Song.

The upcoming series is a mystery romantic comedy that tells the story of a young timpanist (played by Kim Se-jong) who loses her memories after witnessing a murder. She wants to uncover these memories after meeting a tone-deaf man (Yeon Woo-jin) in an orchestra of which she is a member. The previously confirmed cast also include Song Jae-rim and T-ara’s Ji-yeon.

In the series, Kim Sang-gyun will play a handsome barista named Moon Jae-hyung, an eye candy who enjoys hip hop and dancing. He is a pain for Kim Hong Yi-young (Se-jong’s character) because he seeks her often for financial help. Kim will make his official TV acting debut in this drama.

Meanwhile, Lee Si-won took on the role of Hong Soo-young, Hong Yi-young’s cousin. She is a gorgeous and smart psychiatrist known for having some anger management issues. Despite her short temper, she is a loving person who will do anything for the sake of her cousin. Lee was most recently seen in Memories of the Alhambra and Suits.

Lastly, Yoo Gun has been cast to play Michael Lee, Hong Yi-young’s mentor. He is a Korean American who moves to Korea to be the principal timpanist in Hong’s orchestra. Since Hong admires him a lot, they develop a unique teacher-student relationship. Yoo’s most recent TV dramas are The Last Empress and Sweet Enemy.

Let Me Hear Your song is set to premiere on KBS2 in late July or early August.

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