Kim Sae-ron backs out from upcoming romantic youth drama ‘Dear M’

Promising actress Kim Sae-ron has given up her spot as a main cast member in KBS2’s new romantic youth series Dear M.

A source from the project revealed on October 12, “We decided to break off prior arrangements [with Kim] due to differences in our opinions. We will support Kim Sae-ron in her future activities.” The star’s agency Gold Medalist stated that their side has the same reason for coming to such an unexpected decision but also assured fans that Kim roots for the success of the series while looking over offers for her next work.

Kim Sae-ron started her career as a child actress and played the younger versions of the female protagonists in various television series, such as Can You Hear My Heart (2011) and Fashion King (2012). Years later, she transitioned into a teen actress and landed her first lead role in the drama Hi! School – Love On (2014). She then went on to gain more attention by displaying laudable performances in Secret Healer (2016) and Leverage (2019). Most recently, she appeared as the 20-something-old version of the female lead in the mystery-crime drama Nobody Knows (2020).

Meanwhile, Dear M is set to follow the campus-wide search for a mysterious person known as “M,” who writes jaw-dropping posts on the community board of Seoyeon University’s website. As the entire school is thrown upside down, the characters mentioned by “M” in the anonymous articles begin seeing each other in a romantic light.

The upcoming drama is a spin-off of the four-season web series Love Playlist (2017) that aired on Naver TV and V Live. In the season, Kim Sae-ron played Seo Ji-min, an Economics student and member of the cheering squad. Before dropping out of her role, Kim agreed to reprise her bold yet likable character opposite her then love interest, Bae Hyun-sung (Hospital Playlist), and continue their romantic story in Dear M. With the filming already kicked off, the production team is reportedly tapping actress No Jeong-eui (18 Again) to fill in the vacancy. No will be joining stars Park Hye-su (Saimdang, Memoir of Colors), NCT’s Jaehyun, and Bae Hyun-sung if negotiations for her participation in the new drama go smoothly.

Slated to air in the first half of 2021, Dear M is penned by Lee Seul, screenwriter for the web-series franchise Love Playlist (2017, 2018, 2019). It will be co-helmed by directors Park Jin-woo of To. Jenny (2018) and Seo Joo-wan of Love Revolution (2020).

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