Kim Sa-rang, Yoon Hyun-min, more actors to star in TV Chosun’s ‘Revenge’

TV Chosun’s upcoming drama Revenge has announced an exciting lineup of stars!

Revenge centers on a woman who is given an opportunity to take vengeance and go against powerful people in the society.

Kim Sa-rang (This Is My Love) will suit up as Kang Hae-ra, a reporter who became the most famous influencer in South Korea after marrying a well-known personality. At a young age, Hae-ra became the head of their household. She is also a role model for correspondents. But when a fake scandal sends her life in a downward spiral, she vows to seek revenge and uncover the truth.

Acting alongside Kim is Yoon Hyun-min (Men Are Men, ongoing). He has been cast as the cold-blooded lawyer Cha Min-joon. Without blood and tears, Min-joon boasts of a 100% win rate. When his family find themselves in ruin because of a scheme, vengeance and success become his driving forces.

(From left) Yoo Sun, Jung Man-sik, and Yoon So-yi

Yoo Sun (Mother of Mine) will take on the role of Kim Tae-ohn, FB Group’s only successor. She is born into wealth and is used to getting what she wants. Tae-ohn is desperate to inherit the company, but with a moment’s mistake and the appearance of an unexpected character, she begins to show her true tough yet cruel side.

Playing Tae-ohn’s self-centered father and the chairman of FB Group Kim Sang-gu is actor Jung Man-sik (Chief of Staff 2). Sang-gu is not fond of his daughter and will stop at nothing to continue having control over the company.

Rounding out the recently confirmed cast is Yoon So-yi (A Place in the Sun). She is set to transform as Ku Eun-hye, who has taken over her father’s detective agency. She works hard to get the job done and is a force to be reckoned with.

With the exciting cast of characters, the viewers can expect powerful and skilled acting and enjoy a refreshing story.

Revenge (also Get Revenge) is slated to broadcast in October as a Saturday-Sunday drama. The delightful “mystery social revenge” drama will be spearheaded by PD Kang Min-gu and writer Kim Hyo-jin.

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