Kim Ok-vin, Lee Joon-hyuk to star in new OCN sci-fi thriller ‘Dark Hole’

OCN’s newest monster-themed sci-fi series Dark Hole has successfully pulled in stars Kim Ok-vin and Lee Joon-hyuk as its leading pair.

Dark Hole will feature stories of desperate human survival against people who have turned into mutants after inhaling mysterious black smoke from a sinkhole. The action-packed drama is the fifth offering of OCN’s “Dramatic Cinema” project, which aims to create high-quality works by applying the concepts of filmmaking in television series production. The previous four dramas are Trap (2019), Strangers from Hell (2019), Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation (2020), and Search (upcoming, 2020).

Kim Ok-vin has signed up to play Lee Hwa-sun, a homicide detective at the metropolitan investigations unit of the Seoul Police Regional Office. Her world gets disturbed when she receives a phone call from her husband’s killer, telling her to go to a place called “Muji City.” Upon her arrival, she discovers that the people living there have transformed into monsters after breathing in black smoke from a strange sinkhole. However, Hwa-sun knows that the only way to capture her husband’s murderer is to confront the terrifying situation and face her own fears. Kim previously wowed viewers with her laudable acting in Steal Heart (2014), Children of a Lesser God (2018), and Arthdal Chronicles (2019).

Set to act opposite Kim is Lee Joon-hyuk, who is most recently known for his portrayals in the television series The Lies Within (2019), 365: Repeat the Year (2020), and the popular two-season tvN thriller, Stranger (2017, 2020). Lee has taken on the role of Yoo Tae-han, a native resident of Muji City and a former police officer. He quit the force due to a workplace scandal that began as a misunderstanding. However, every time he recalls his days as a defender of civilians, he feels immensely proud of himself, which is why he partnered with Detective Lee in saving and helping people from the danger that is lurking beneath them.

With a storyline that screams tension and chilling horror, Kim Ok-vin and Lee Joon-hyuk’s upcoming appearance in one cinematic small-screen production is indeed a prime-time entry to watch out for.

Dark Hole will be penned by Jung Yi-do, the famous screenwriter behind OCN thrillers Save Me (2017) and Strangers from Hell (2019), while Kim Bong-joo of the movie The Phone (2015) will make his TV-drama directorial debut. Under the co-production of Movie History Idol and Kiwi Media Group, the 12-episode series is slated for broadcast in the first half of 2021.

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