Kim Nam-gil, Seo Yea-ji confirm lead roles in upcoming exorcism drama

Actors Kim Nam-gil and Seo Yea-ji will collaborate for a new drama! They are set to headline OCN’s upcoming supernatural-mystery drama titled Island.

On February 4, an OCN official verified media reports that the actors were confirmed for lead roles in the webtoon-based drama. A promotional video featuring Jo Byung-gyu of The Uncanny Counter fame introducing the drama also made headlines online.

Island takes place in Jeju Island. It tells the story of a world where monsters, who seek to banish humans, go after a wealthy heiress. Kim Nam-gil has been roped in to play Ban, an immortal monster-hunter who does not feel human emotions. Kim was last seen in 2019’s The Fiery Priest.

Seo Yea-ji is set to play Won Mi-ho, the arrogant and inconsiderate heiress whose father is the head of a conglomerate. She is banished to Jeju Island by her father for a mistake and made to teach ethics at a high school. This will be Seo’s comeback after last year’s It’s Okay To Not Be Okay shot her to international stardom.

The other main character is an exorcist priest named Yohan, who has spiritual powers and a guilty conscience for being unable to save someone’s life. This role is being considered by Im Si-wan, who last appeared in the JTBC romance drama Run On.

Island will be a drama with multiple seasons. The first season will be penned by screenwriter Jang Yoon-mi, best known for movies like Scarlet Innocence (2014) and Luck-Key (2016). Bae Jong of Fabricated City (2017) fame will direct the season, which is set to air in 2021.

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