Kim Myung-soo transforms into skilled inspector in new stills from ‘Secret Royal Inspector’

KBS2’s new investigative comedy sageuk (historical drama) Secret Royal Inspector has just released new stills of its main lead, Kim Myung-soo. The actor, who is also known as INFINITE’s L, is more than excited to grace the small screen once again this year.

The new Monday and Tuesday drama is set towards the end of the Joseon dynasty where the king wipes out corruption and injustice in his kingdom with the help of his group of carefully chosen royal investigators. While undercover, these inspectors serve as the king’s eyes and ears by roaming around provinces and listening to people’s stories of abuse and resentments. It stars Kim Myung-soo as Sung Yi-gyum, a free-spirited but smart investigator; Kwon Na-ra (Itaewon Class) as Hong Da-in, the highly trained inspector disguised as a courtesan; and Lee Yi-kyung (Welcome to Waikiki 2) as Park Chun-sam, Yi-gyum’s talkative but softhearted servant.

In the story, Sung Yi-gyum is a skilled and smart civil worker who topped the state examination but only lives for the day, without ambitions or goals. During the day, he leads a very ordinary bureaucratic life by working at the Hongmungwan or the Office of Special Advisors, Joseon’s administrative and research department, and at night, he leads a double life by enjoying secret gambling sessions with the kingdom’s officials.

However, he was caught gambling one day, and as punishment, he gets assigned to become a secret royal inspector. Now, he investigates the cases in the kingdom and discovers that each tells an interesting story.

Kim Myung-soo in Secret Royal Inspector

In the stills, Kim Myung-soo, who has perfectly transformed into Yi-gyum, is in deep thought, judging from the solemn look on his face. He looks sorrowful but his strong charisma is still evident. In one image, he expertly pulls the bow with his gaze fixed somewhere. In the last photo, Yi-gyum, who is wearing his hat in a slightly crooked manner, displays a playful expression and has switched from being serious to amused.

The idol-turned-actor made his debut role in the Japanese series Jiu – Special Investigation Team (2011). He has then taken on roles in many popular Korean series, such as SBS’s My Lovely Girl (2014) and The Time We Were Not in Love (2015), MBC’s The Emperor: Owner of the Mask (2017), JTBC’s Miss Hammurabi (2018), and KBS2’s Angel’s Last Mission: Love (2019) and Welcome (2020).

Secret Royal Inspector is expected to present the thrilling yet comedic process of inspectors punishing evil groups that take advantage of the country’s poor locals.

The new drama is scheduled to air in December. It is helmed by director Kim Jung-min, who is behind the series Selection: The War Between Women (2019–2020), and penned by two screenwriters, Park Sung-hoon and Kang Min-sun.

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