Kim Min-kyu, Go Won-hee join cast of upcoming fantasy drama ‘Perfume’

On April 4, Kim Min-kyu and Go Won-hee announced that they have taken on leading roles in KB2’s upcoming drama Perfume.

The new show is a fantastical romance series revolving around a middle-aged woman who can transform herself into a very beautiful, young woman through a magical perfume. She meets Seo Yi-do, a neurotic fashion designer with multiple phobias who is afraid of falling in love.

Go Won-hee will play Min Ye-rin opposite actor Shin Sung-rok (The Last Empress). Ye-rin is the hottest star in Korea’s modeling industry, but no one knows that she is actually a middle-aged woman named Min Jae-hee in a young person’s body. Go Won-hee is known for giving critically-acclaimed performances in films. In television, she is best known for her role in the comedy series Welcome To Waikiki. She was last seen in Your House Helper.

Kim Min-kyu, meanwhile, will portray a character named Yoon Min-seok, a world-famous idol star known for his striking looks and gorgeous voice. He lives life with the goal of pursuing luxury and pleasure. Through his agency Happy Tribe Entertainment, Kim revealed that both the script and Yoon Min-seok’s character drew him to the drama. The young actor previously made strong impressions by appearing in hit dramas like Signal (2016) and Because This Is My First Life (2017). His participation in Perfume will mark his first leading role in a drama.

Perfume is aiming for a June premiere and will be directed by PD Kim Sang-hwi of the Mysterious Personal Shopper fame.

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