Kim Jung-hyun has secrets in new teaser for ‘Mr. Queen’

On November 19, tvN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama Mr. Queen released another teaser video for one of its main leads, Kim Jung-hyun.

The fantasy historical drama follows a modern day chef who suddenly finds his soul transported to the Joseon dynasty, inside the body of the queen. It stars Shin Hye-sun (Angel’s Last Mission: Love) as Queen Kim So-yong, Kim Jung-hyun (Crash Landing on You) as King Cheoljong, Bae Jong-ok (Graceful Family) as Queen Sunwon, and Kim Tae-woo (The Tale of Nokdu) as Kim Jwa-geun.

In the opening of the teaser, Kim Jung-hyun can be seen sitting on the throne as King Cheoljong. He holds a scroll that contains a public appeal upside down. Confused, King Cheoljong declares in a slow, firm voice, “Do as you wish. That is my will,” causing his court ministers to exchange looks and smile in amusement.

However, when the night comes, King Cheoljong’s lax and gentle exterior disappears, and with a 180-degree transformation, Cheoljong’s once clueless eyes turn intense as the aura around him becomes menacing. Meanwhile, Kim So-yong can be seen spying on the king from the shadows, whispering, “What’s weird during the day and suspicious at night?” With his black clothes and a sword, the king has changed from a puppet leader to a suspicious, scheming person. So-yong continues to watch him with a distrustful and suspicious gaze and says to herself, “He’s one suspicious dude.”

Mr. Queen will air its first episode on December 12, Saturday, at 9 p.m. KST, taking over the time slot currently occupied by Start-Up.

In the meantime, you can check out the drama’s group poster here.

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