Kim Jae-wook full of charisma in new stills from ‘Her Private Life’

Actor Kim Jae-wook looks charismatic in tvN’s newest stills for Her Private Life. On March 21, the production team of the new romantic comedy released stills of the actor on his first shooting day.

The show is about Sung Deok-mi (played by Park Min-young), who lives a dual life as a talented art curator by day and as a certified fangirl by night, or during most of her free time for that matter. Kim Jae-wook plays the role of Ryan Gold, the director of the art gallery where she is employed.

In the stills below, Kim Jae-wook is shown looking at various artworks in a gallery along with other people. He is attending an exhibition of artworks by new artists that is open only to VIPs, where he actively and expertly analyzes the works of arts in front of him.

Kim Jae-wook in stills from 'Her Private Life'

A teaser recently released describes Kim Jae-wook’s character as a genius director and writer who is famous for his works. From the looks of the new stills, it seems that the actor is indeed embodying his role, so it might be fun seeing a serious and classy guy like him transform into someone rooting for an idol singer.

According to the production team, “Watching how a genius director like Ryan Gold turn into a major fan of someone like his colleague is something viewers will find entertaining. Kim Jae-wook will show you a side of him you have never seen before. We hope you tune in [to watch the drama].”

Her Private Life will premiere on April 10.

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