Kim Jae-joong time-travels in new ‘Manhole’ poster

KBS released on August 4 the sixth poster of its upcoming time-slip drama, Manhole: Feel So Good starring Kim Jae-joong and Uee. In the new poster, Kim Jae-joong is riding a bike while approaching Uee and has crossed the border between the past and present in the process. The latest promotional poster reflects the premise of the new drama, which centers on a man named Bong Pil who travels back in time to prevent the wedding of his longtime crush and best friend from happening in the present. The change in Bong Pil’s dress into a school uniform as he passes the boundary suggests that he has returned to his high school days.

Manhole Feel So Good Poster g

The newest stills from the drama were also released yesterday by the network, showing the main characters in their high school uniforms. The four main characters of the drama, who have been friends for a long time, are played by Kim Jae-joong, Uee, Jung Hye-seong, and Baro.

Manhole Feel So Good Stills 3
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Manhole Feel So Good will premiere on August 9, taking over Seven Day Queen which ended its run yesterday.

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