Kim Hyun-joo suits up as human rights lawyer in new stills from ‘Undercover’

JTBC’s upcoming spy-themed drama Undercover has released the new stills of lead star Kim Hyun-joo as a passionate lawyer who fights for human rights.

The new Friday and Saturday drama tells the story of a National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent who falls for a lawyer during one of his top missions. Using an alias, he woos her and marries her. However, their perfect married life starts to crumble after his wife’s nomination to become chief of the Civil Servant Corruption Investigations Unit threatens to reveal his real identity. It stars Ji Jin-hee (Designated Survivor: 60 Days) and Kim Hyun-joo (WATCHER) as the power couple who will battle with forces threatening their lives and their country.

Kim’s character stills, which were released on March 30, give the viewers a sneak peek at her character Choi Yeon-soo, a human rights lawyer. In recognition of her passion and abilities, she gets nominated to become the head of the Civil Servant Corruption Investigations Unit. With the support from her affectionate husband and two lovely children, Yeon-soo is able to overcome any crisis and have strong will and courage in her heart. However, her conviction begins to crumble after learning the shocking truth about the man she loves.

In the released stills, Kim transforms into the justice-driven lawyer Yeon-soo, with her casual shirt and blazer ensemble and neatly combed hair. She also attends court hearings as part of her job. In the last still, Yeon-soo is holding a gun, and her eyes are filled with mixed emotions of doubt, confusion, and betrayal.

Kim Hyun-joo as Choi Yeon-soo in Undercover 1
Kim Hyun-joo as Choi Yeon-soo in Undercover 2
Kim Hyun-joo as Choi Yeon-soo in Undercover 3

Asked why she accepted to star in drama, Kim Hyun-joo shared, “I was attracted to one man’s desperate desire to protect his family. I wanted to be part of the story, of the family that Han Jeong-hyeon (Ji Jin-hee) wants to protect, [and understand] what his family means to him and where his passion of love comes from.” In addition, the actress also talked about her character, saying, “I have such respect for Choi Yeon-soo and her reckless will and convictions. Because Choi Yeon-soo’s righteousness can be seen as her own conviction, she tries not to appear as stubborn.” She also expressed her affection for her character and described how Yeon-soo is a different person when she is outside with other people and how she becomes someone who is overflowing with love when she is with her family.

Undercover will premiere on April 23.

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