Kim Hyun-joo, Park Jung-min, Yoo Ah-in, Won Jin-ah to headline new Netflix original Korean drama ‘Hell’

Netflix’s newest addition to its growing slate of original Korean content takes shape in its upcoming supernatural mystery series Hell, featuring the all-star lineup of Kim Hyun-joo, Park Jung-min, Yoo Ah-in, and Won Jin-ah.

Based on a webtoon of the same name, Hell will revolve around an extraordinary phenomenon where angels from hell ascend to the human world and appear before individuals without notice, pronouncing death sentences upon them. Along with the uncertainty of whether such an unexplainable event is a blessing or a curse, a new religion emerges and appoints itself as the interpreter of God’s intentions.

Kim Hyun-joo signed up to play Min Hye-jin, a smart and confident lawyer who goes up against the New Truth Church and its extremist devotees called Arrowhead. Kim is best known for her portrayals in Glass Slippers (2002), Ms. Kim’s Million Dollar Quest (2004), What Happens to My Family? (2014–2015), Identical Affairs (2015–2016), and most recently, WATCHER (2019). Aside from the new project, the actress is also confirmed to star in JTBC’s upcoming series Undercover (2021).

Joining Kim is Entourage actor Park Jung-min, who will take on the role of Bae Yeong-jae, a producer at a broadcasting company that investigates the undertakings of the New Truth Church. Park is comparatively more active in the film industry with memorable roles in Svaha: The Sixth Finger (2019) and Time to Hunt (2020). His previous television works include Feast of the Gods (2012), Golden Time (2012), Drama Special Series: Puberty Medley (2014), and You’re All Surrounded (2014). Park’s latest small-screen appearance was a cameo in the popular historical drama Mr. Sunshine (2018).

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah-in, who breathed life into notable characters in Fashion King (2012), Jang Ok-jung (2013), Secret Affair (2014), The Roots of Throne (2015–2016), and Chicago Typewriter (2017), will portray Jeong Jin-soo, the captivating and mysterious leader of the New Truth Church. As the angels of death arrive, he and his followers begin a religious crusade, proclaiming that the visits are the will of the Divine.

Also among the main cast is promising actress Won Jin-ah, who will transform into Song So-hyun, wife of Bae Yeong-jae and a member of the New Truth Church. She is soon subjected by the cult-like group to unimaginable pressure. Won has just started her career in small-screen acting and first appeared in the drama Rain or Shine (2017–2018). Following her debut, she starred in other series, including Life (2018) and Melting Me Softly (2019). On top of the current engagement, the actress is also set to lead in JTBC’s rom-com series Senior, Don’t Put on That Lipstick (2021).

The webtoon, “지옥” or “Jiok,” is written by Yeon Sang-ho and illustrated by Choi Kyu-seok. Since its serialization on Naver Webtoon in August 2019, the Monday webcomic has gained a network of over 20,000 readers. It has sustained high ratings in all of its episodes despite having less following than the other works. It is still ongoing and is now on the 19th episode of its second part, excluding the prologue. The first part had 27 entries, a prologue, and an epilogue.

Hell, previously known as Hellbound, will be spearheaded by its creators: author Yeon Sang-ho (PD of Train to Busan, 2016; Peninsula, 2020) will be the director and screenwriter, while manhwa (Korean term for comics) artist Choi Kyu-seok (writer of web comic “Awl”) will be co-penning the script. The drama will be produced by Lezhin Studio and targets to stream exclusively on Netflix across 190 countries worldwide.

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