Kim Hye-jun unamused amid festive crowd in main poster for new drama ‘Chip In’

Upcoming MBC mystery drama Chip In has dropped its main poster featuring lead actress Kim Hye-jun and other major cast members.

Chip In tells the story of a fierce battle over properties worth billions of won owned by a famous artist.

Kim Hye-jun plays the female protagonist Yoo Bit-na, daughter of a renowned painter. As she gets involved in the conflict over her father’s possessions, Bit-na sets out to uncover the truth behind everyone’s selfish intentions. Kim recently rose to international stardom for her captivating performance as the villainous Queen Consort Cho in the two seasons of Kingdom, a popular Netflix original zombie-themed Korean series.

In the main visual for the drama, Yoo Bit-na puts on a grim face despite the gleeful expressions of the people around her. Among the cast of characters gathered at the table are Dok Go-sun (Kim Si-eun, Special Labor Inspector Jo), Kim Ji-hye (Oh Na-ra, Woman of 9.9 Billion), Yoo In-ho (Nam Moon-chul, When My Love Blooms), Yoo Hae-joon (Choi Kyu-jin, Class of Lies), Ji Seol-young (Kim Jung-young, Born Again), Dok Go-chul (Han Soo-hyun, Nobody Knows), and Moon Jeong-wook (Lee Yoon-hee, Backstreet Rookie).

While the rest are happily chatting and laughing with a glass of wine in hand, Bit-na is the only one whose behavior is complementing the dim atmosphere and the odd fact that all of them are wearing formal black attire, as if the occasion they are in does not call for a celebration at all.


The series also released another poster featuring Yoo Bit-na and Kim Ji-hye. Bit-na is sitting on the couch, looking a bit shaken or slightly afraid. Meanwhile, Ji-hye is standing right behind her with a triumphant smirk on her lips, insinuating that the present twist of events are turning in her favor.


Chip In, previously known for its literal title translation United Effort to Accomplish One Thing, is helmed by director Jin Chang-gyu of Bad Papa (2018) and penned by screenwriter Choi Kyeong. The drama has moved its initial July 15 premiere to July 22 and is scheduled to air every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 p.m. KST, replacing upcoming drama She Knows Everything.

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