Kim Hye-jun, Oh Na-ra, more cast attend first script reading of ‘United Effort to Accomplish One Thing’

The cast of the new MBC series United Effort to Accomplish One Thing attended their first script reading, recently sharing some candid stills.

Kim Hye-jun and Oh Na-ra, joined by writer Choi Kyeong and director Jin Chang-gyu (Bad Papa), led the table read and gathered together with the other cast members to go over their lines and immerse themselves in their characters.

The black comedy mystery series centers on the daughter of a famous painter who owns properties that are worth billions of won. After getting involved in a fight for the said properties, she attempts to discover the truth.

Kim Hye-jun, best known for her character Queen Consort Cho in the hit Netflix original Kingdom, will play the painter’s daughter who holds the key to all the mysteries in the story. During the reading, Kim perfectly immersed herself in the role of Yoo Bit-na, establishing the character’s sense of independence and emotions through her facial expressions and tone of voice.


Oh Na-ra, who plays Bit-na’s mother, was also able to show off her character, switching between her role’s greedy and lovable personalities. Oh has always been able to bring out the best in her character in every project. She has recently starred in the thriller drama Woman of 9.9 Billion (2019–2020) and also previously appeared in the record-breaking series SKY Castle in 2018–2019. Now, she shows her enthusiasm in her given role as Kim Ji-hye, a former model who was quite known in the past.

The other actors showed off their characters as well. With the cast lineup, it will be interesting to see how each would play their character and portray their personalities. Other cast members present at the scene include Kim Jung-young, Nam Moon-cheol, Lee Yoon-hee, Nam Mi-jeong, and Han Soo-hyun, who displayed their skillful acting with some of their heavy and intense scenes. Meanwhile, Choi Gyu-jin, Kim Shi-eun, and Kwon Dong-ho showcased their enthusiastic and energetic acting.

The first script reading went smoothly, with the dynamic character reading from the cast who created an atmosphere of what seemed like actual scenes from the drama. Writer Choi Kyeong and director Jin Chang-gyu also made detailed efforts in guiding the actors, not missing even the smallest things in the script.

United Effort to Accomplish One Thing (literal title) is scheduled to premiere on July 15 at 9 p.m. KST as a Wednesday-Thursday drama.

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