Kim Hye-ja, other cast members all smiles in ‘The Light In Your Eyes’ stills

On February 7, cable network JTBC released behind-the-scene stills for its newest Monday-Tuesday series titled The Light In Your Eyes. Photos of Kim Hye-ja wearing a bright, warm smile show that her personality goes beyond different generations. Her character is something audience from different ages can easily identify with.

The Light In Your Eyes (also known as Dazzling) is a drama about people who have seen their lives pass by. Han Ji-min (Familiar Wife) and Kim Hye-ja (Dear My Friends) play the same character—the heroine, whose name is also Kim Hye-ja. The series will show how the protagonist has mysteriously transformed from an ambitious young woman in her 20s (played by Han) to a 70-year-old (Kim) who can manipulate the past. With a stellar cast expected to deliver their best performance, chances are viewers will be touched by the characters’ fun times and struggles.

Still images for The Light In Your Eyes
Photo Credit: Xportsnews

The show’s teaser stills show deep chemistry between the actors and also bring light to the time when Kim Hye-ja’s character and her loved ones were once living their happy lives. In addition, they show Kim Hye-ja working happily on the set with Nam Joo-hyuk (Bride of the Water God), who is playing the lead male role, Lee Jung-eun, and Kim Ga-eun. Other cast members with major supporting roles are Son Ho-joon (Go Back Couple) and Ahn Nae-sang.

Leading the production team of The Light In Your Eyes are co-writers Lee Nam-kyu and Kim Soo-jin and PD Kim Suk-yoon, who had all worked together previously in Awl, Living Among The Rich, and Old Miss Diary. The series will premiere on February 11 at 9:30 pm.

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