Kim Eun-sook, co-director of ‘Descendants of the Sun’ reunite for new drama

Renowned screenwriter Kim Eun-sook has been confirmed to be working on a new drama with the co-director of her smash hit series Descendants of the Sun, according to an exclusive published by TV Report on May 3.

Most fans know very well that PD Lee Eung-bok directed Descendants of the Sun but many are not aware of the co-director whom he had worked with to produce the mega-hit Korean drama. His name is Baek Sang-hoon, who also co-directed Moonlight Drawn By Clouds and Who Are You: School 2015. He first worked with PD Lee six years ago in the melodrama Secret Love.

PD Baek will be working on his biggest drama to date through his latest partnership with Kim Eun-sook whose credentials also include Mr. Sunshine, Goblin, Secret Garden, and Lovers In Paris. He himself will cast the actors for the new drama that is up for release in March 2020.

The title and synopsis of the upcoming series remain under wraps but are already raising the excitement of the fans especially because the director-writer pair who will lead the production is also the team behind the much-beloved romantic melodrama. Expectations of success are sky-high in Kim Eun-sook’s next project. After all, writing three consecutive Korean dramas that went on to smash TV ratings and become immensely popular locally and abroad cannot be attributed to sheer coincidence or luck. She knows how to woo effectively the viewers with her unique writing style and has taken advantage of her ever-growing fame and the star-studded cast of her dramas.

Meanwhile, PD Lee Eung-book announced in March that he will direct the TV adaptation of an ongoing thriller webtoon titled Sweet Home. He has chosen to collaborate with a different writer this time and direct a drama unlike anything he has done in the past. Since 2015, the director worked only with writer Kim Eun-sook to produce Descendants of the Sun, Goblin, and Mr. Sunshine.

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