Kim Bum transforms into a bright student in new stills from ‘Law School’

JTBC has unveiled a sneak peek at Kim Bum‘s character in the upcoming legal drama Law School.

The new Wednesday and Thursday drama from JTBC is set inside the country’s top law school where the university’s finest students and professors get entangled in an unprecedented case. Apart from Kim Bum (Tale of the Nine Tailed), the drama also stars Kim Myung-min (The Miracle We Met), Lee Jung-eun (Once Again), and Ryu Hye-young (Dear My Room).

Kim Bum as Han Joon-hwi in Law School 1
Kim Bum as Han Joon-hwi in Law School 2
Kim Bum as Han Joon-hwi in Law School 3

Kim plays the role of Han Joon-hwi, one of the university’s top first-year students. In the released stills, Kim stands out as a role model student who listens attentively in class and shows off his reasoning ability while reciting. Not only that, he also helps his classmates improve their grades by creating his own study group and helping them. The group, led by Joon-hwi, generously share notes among themselves and take care of other members who occasionally fall into despair due to the pressure brought by law school. Joon-hwi’s confidence and determination to become the best prosecutor inspire those around him, and it is also evident in how he leads the other students in his group.

The production crew said, “Kim Bum, who was passionate about filming the drama so much that he would not let go of the script, perfectly portrayed the three-dimensional character Han Joon-hwi with his soft charm. Please look forward to Kim’s performance as the top law student who will uncover the truth of the case.”

Law School aims to premiere in April.

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